A triptych reinterpreting Shakespeare's classic character Juliet. The three stories are directed by 3 different directors; Juliet's Choice (By Hou Chi Jan), Two Juliets (By Shen Ko Shang), and Another Juliet (By Chen Yu Hsun) Juliet's Choice : In the 70's, Ju worked in a printing store where a boy with a banned article changes her life. Two Juliets : Mei is told that in the 80's, a woman faked insanity to be locked up just to wait for her lover. Another Juliet : In 2010, "Juliet" tries to commit suicide but a TV commercial crew gets in the way.....

Three stories by 3 directors; Juliet's Choice (By Hou Chi Jan), Two Juliets (By Shen Ko Shang), and Another Juliet (By Chen Yu Hsun) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juliets torrent reviews

Nick A (nl) wrote: The only reason i watched this movie was because Nick Carter was in it and my sister was obsessed with him and made me. It turned out not being so bad though.

Mahesh M (ru) wrote: They put the camera on their subjects and let them go loose. The subjects of the documentary expressed their views exactly as they wanted to, and nonetheless looked batshit crazy. It's quite odd that both sides of this debate will get the film that they want.

Glenda M (us) wrote: a good look at a rotten person--fabulous bookend to "W"

TJ (mx) wrote: I loved this doc because it did a good job of showing how Strummer differs from your average rock star (especially from that time period). A poet, activist, and tortured genius- Joe's lyrics and especially his delivery of said lyrics is enough to change ones' outlook on life itself. This doc also did a great job of showing Joe's flaws (adolescent beginning, idealist towards the end) but especially over all else was his intelligence throughout these developments which seemed to always find a way to prevail. Throughout the debauchery of all the stardom, Joe always seems to (at least try to) keep a good head on his shoulders, and the thing that sets him apart, his heart. This is what made the Clash so great; diverse in style, but with Joe-- punk rock with heart. Great film. I love how they edited in parts of his old radio show; a very creative use of VO, allowing Joe to be our DJ throughout the doc.

Jerome L (fr) wrote: ce film est un petit bonheur, ne pas rater

Edgar C (ag) wrote: This film is so modest, cute and funny. Do not miss this foreign gem at all... 77/100

Benjamin N (gb) wrote: Bogey. I think he's fourth billed in this? Destroys everyone else on screen.

Felipe F (de) wrote: Funny, energetic and inspiring, Hairspray boasts perfect musical numbers, lively performances from a terrific cast and still manages to do justice to its social issues.

Robin V (ca) wrote: The Curse of Michael Myers is an interesting plot, but the movie fails unacseptably.

Caesar B (jp) wrote: Good spoofs died together with Leslie Nielsen, this movie is just another example of this fact. Put out there as a spoof of MacGuyver this movie has about as much to do with the source material as Iraq had to do with 9/11. It's a shame really, because the concept is pure gold, but they fucked it up.I had some very mild chuckles, but it might have been indigestion too, who knows. The story makes no sense (and that's taking into account that it's a spoof) and the acting is just awful. Fuck this movie and fuck Jorma Taccone for thinking this would be funny and to Val Kilmer; please stop taking these crappy roles