• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Juliette 2013 full movies, Juliette torrents movie

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Juliette torrent reviews

Sybs T (gb) wrote: This is hilarious!! 9/10 for comedic value!

Bebe G (de) wrote: liked everything about this movie (exept for the insest) any movie were the story line needs sex in it isn't worth watching with the exeption of this movie and a few comadies,and the end took a bit of decythering but aside from that I liked

Ben H (jp) wrote: A decidedly simple quiet drama. But thanks to the considerable talent of both Maggie Smith and Judi Dench. They manage to elevate it.

Alexandra M (ca) wrote: The plot is a bit thin and confusing at times(it took me a while a lot of attention to figure out Emily was a neighbor not the owner of the hotel) and some of the sound effects really laughable (squeaky spiders anyone?). That being said I really adore this movie primarily because of some of those features. Plus.1. The gore is so cheesy and over the top it was totally disgusting...and awesome. Apparently Fulci loves a good eye gouging and according to the aforementioned director blood just spurts from any and every place. Paper Cut=some serious blood loss.2. The sweet musical score by Fabio Frizzi. I don't know how you can make something creepy and groovy at the same time but he most definitely succeeds. The piano score is especially unsettling.Overall this a great example of Italian gore of the 70's-80's and a classic for me.

Linda T (gb) wrote: True Story:You could say its a good Xmas Moviethe first $6.2 million of the first New York State Lottery. Unfortunately, Frank is also a full-time dreamer cursed with a lifetime of great luck, a bickering Italian-American family, and a love-hate relationship with his loser gambler father, Frank Sr. (Oscar nominee Danny Aiello of DO THE RIGHT THING and MOONSTRUCK). But when Frank Jr. makes a deal with local mobsters, will his lottery prize be his unluckiest break ever? I would say its a must see

Anthony V (au) wrote: Should have been better.

Anna Q (nl) wrote: Read the synopsis!! REAAAAAD IIIIIT. Now tell me you DON'T want to see such a weird-ass movie.

Phil S (kr) wrote: Sort of like a camp 1970's version of The Thing, only much more shit, yet suprisingly entertaining and funny in its sheer ridiculousness.

Caroline R (kr) wrote: De Funes son sommet ! Plus une excellente musique de Polnareff (innatendu ici !), beaucoup de recherche dans les dtails des dcors et des costumes, une belle image... Tout bon !

Rick L (es) wrote: Great performance, good story, good film

Craig F (fr) wrote: There's no denying the cast has talent but they deserve more than this flat script. Clement and Forte do well with what they're given but it's only due to their own expertise.