July 32nd

July 32nd

Directed by Jin Seung Hyun, the curiously titled indie drama July 32nd is inspired by the short story "Full Moon" by acclaimed writer Ko Un. Screened at the 2008 Fukuoka Film Festival and the 2008 Shanghai Film Festival, the film depicts the tumultuous relationship of a killer and his daughter, whose lives are upturned on July 31, 1987. Pursued by the police, he leaves his five-year-old daughter in someone else's care, promising to pick her up the next day. But the next day never comes because he soon gets arrested. Years later, the abandoned daughter has grown up, and the waiting has turned into the longing for revenge.

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Paul M (es) wrote: The disappointments room was one heck of a disappointment for the studio and everyone envolved with it.

Clara V (gb) wrote: This was way better than the Omen. It was a really good movie. Didn't get the end and the song. Did he wanted to stay with his uncle. Or did he do it because he hated his family. It was really confusing but i enjoyed it.

Colin B (gb) wrote: It's clockwork orange without the learning that has. Another look at racism in a different guise. It's not big and it's not clever. This film balances a fine line indeed!

daren y (de) wrote: this is an other awesome movie from H.B Halicki

peter h (gb) wrote: Mill Creek's 50 Movie Pack: Chilling Classics Reviews LA CAMPANA DEL INFIERNO (English translation: THE BELL FROM HELL)/ BELL FROM HELL [1973]: A Spanish made Horror film from 1973 with its own on set horror when the director, Claudio Guerin-Hill fell to his death on the final day of the shoot from a Bell Tower. Sadly for the epitaph of director Guerin-Hill, BELL FROM HELL is far from a good film. Now understandably the film was completed by Juan Antonio Bardem (the uncle to Oscar winning actor Javier Bardem), so whatever the vision of Guerin-Hill was didn't flow through to the editing stage with Bardem's vision instead. PLOT: The film sees a young man realised from an asylum to return home to his aunt and three cousins, who were safe guarding his inheritance. However in Horror movie law, the aunt and cousins are determined not to give up the estate and wealth. So the decide to kill him by kidnapping him , attaching him to a noose which is attached to the new bell in the local church, sealing him up in the wall and upon the ceremony for the bell, and then the man is killed. Then as a result slowly one by one the aunt and cousins are picked off one by one by an unknown (but known) killer. THOUGHTS: Despite the tragedy and the tragic circumstances that this movie was completed under, the film drags in parts. However it's a mildly entertaining film for the most part. So it's only fair that my rating would be a solid 50%.

James B (kr) wrote: I loved it. the sets, the camera movement and non-movements, the long shots and long takes, the voyeuristic feel peering from behind pillars and railings... all perfectly orchestrated and executed. the story was a little shaky, but the actors more than make up for it with their passionate performances. a very good movie. it's a shame there isn't a better print, though.

BJ P (de) wrote: i watched dis again... dis is a good movie, too..!!

Ricardo A (br) wrote: It suffers from a clumsy third act but the laughs and gags in Life after Beth makes the movie an enjoyable experience.

Gabriel T (ag) wrote: The Bourne Legacy offers pretty much what you would expect from a Bourne film, lots of action, a great lead role, and an intriguing plot, but this film can't simply hold up to what made the original trilogy so great in the first place in terms of acting, writing, directing, and the action sequences, even though they are not that bad in this film.

Sandrine A (es) wrote: Sweet. Babi made me watch it twice already. It's lovely.

Tyler S (fr) wrote: Being a sports fan I was intrigued to see this movie. The promise from the beginning of the movie is strong but the film ultimately goes full circle and takes us nowhere. Yes McConaughey is great and Palcino is believable as a crazy insane gambler, but the performances don't save the movie from being what it ultimately could have been. Still decent.

Jason C (jp) wrote: Barney Thomson is not your typical serial killer - and it's the fresh take on an old story that elevates this from the average, along with (yet another) great performance by Emma Thomson. Nicely understated and yet still packing a punch, this is short, sweet and darkly amusing.