Jump In!

Jump In!

Story revolves around a young boxer, Izzy Daniels, who trains to follow in his father's footsteps by winning the Golden Glove. When his friend, Mary, however, asks him to substitute for a team member in a Double Dutch tournament, the young man discovers a hidden passion for jump roping

A teenager (Corbin Bleu) is pressured by his father to become a boxer, but a local girl introduces him to the very different sport of rope-jumping. He then joins the all-girl team to compete in double Dutch jump-rope. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonah R (fr) wrote: pretty good awesome comedy

Michael M (ca) wrote: I'm a huge fan of the old school slashers, but Chucky's tenure was one that slipped past me until very recently. A great shame, since it is (at least in his first entry) one of the best. Jason is a shark, Freddy's a trickster, but Chucky is just a straight up creep. It takes a lot to make a doll frightening, but somehow they are mostly successful here. There are moments in the film when someone will do something stupid (like throw Chucky across the room giving him time to escape) just for the sake of giving him a chance to come back, but these are thankfully few. There are some genuinely tense moments with a major creep factor. The choice to make the prime victim a child is also interesting; somewhat exploitative, but it's adds a greater sense of danger so it mostly works. In the end, Child's Play is great scary fun, and Chucky earns his status as a horror icon.

Jan S (br) wrote: The name speaks for itself - a hundred ways to cut of heads (as well as other body parts). Apart from that this work is characterized by the near total absence of anything even closely resembling a plot and really, REALLY bad acting. On top of that after the first 30 minutes the film feels like a Chinese Soap gone terribly wrong. Oh my...

Angel M (de) wrote: For my new friend Ruby LOL

Bill D (gb) wrote: Mr. Nobody is as complicated as Cloud Atlas and thinks about big questions of time and fate.

Robert K (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. I think it's the kind of movie that you're not supposed to understand and digest in a single sitting. It's the kind of movie that you really have to think about to get.

Blke W (ag) wrote: good, fine piece of cultural black comedy for the big screen. Some industry is as clear as peanut butter somtimes (personal joke).

James C (es) wrote: The movies loses a lot in translation, which is a shame because the series had a lot of good points that have been missed entirely.Attempting to make a more adult orientated release merely means you can expect more blood and guts in the fight scenes, the characters have mostly been changed entirely and I'm struggling to see the point in this adaption at all.Still, the animation is amazing and the story is still alright, probably not one for purists.

Collin R (mx) wrote: annoying unsuspenseful with the mystery of the movie revealed from the get go so I am a little confused at what the appeal is supposed to be, quite terrible not gonna lie

Sandra C (gb) wrote: Loved this! For those who 'get it' and understand the journey :)

Asif K (au) wrote: doesn't look good to me ...

Brian C (jp) wrote: a powerful and intriguing look at one of the last chapters of the indian wars. much more nuanced and subtle in its portrayal of indians and the u.s. army than dances with wolves. some really strong supporting work from legends like hackman and duvall. patric also very strong here even if his character comes off as a bit too saintly...

Bobby D (ca) wrote: There's bad and then there's Raise the TITANIC. My only secret wish is that someday this becomes a feature over at Cinematic Titantic.

Isabel E (ru) wrote: buenisima pelicula!! muy recomendable

Paul D (mx) wrote: This Tarzan movie is Johnny Weissmuller's penultimate one in the role and he's already looking too old to pull off the jungle man character convincingly. It carries a fairly obvious central message about man and beast.

Brian J (ag) wrote: Girls version of the Hangover

Russ B (it) wrote: 4/16/2015: A pretty decent movie. It was funny and had good action.

Victoria B (br) wrote: sucky movie totally lame not cool

Nancy B (ca) wrote: Very deceptive. An excellent movie.

Skyler B (ag) wrote: I always loved this movie. It sucks, but I love it.