Jump Offs

Jump Offs

The movie's about 6 Players with different types of game jumping from relationship to relationship until sex, lies and betrayal turns 2 friends against each other.

The movie's about 6 Players with different types of game jumping from relationship to relationship until sex, lies and betrayal turns 2 friends against each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David H (fr) wrote: Yes, its bombastic, but it somehow manages to earn most of its syrupy seriousness. Like all romances, this is a film in which sameness encounts difference or conflict, here in the trappings of transsexuality. Part of what's so great about the film is the secondary status or attention paid to the particular issue of transsexuality. Its perverse in is universality. I've yet to see "Blue is the Warmest Color," but with "Stranger by the Lake" and "Laurence" its already a hallmark year for queer (French language) narrative cinema.

Garrett D (ru) wrote: Easily the Worst Movie I have ever seen. Complete Crap. Jesse Eisenberg is only in the movie for like 3 minutes.

cli o (kr) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Robert B (jp) wrote: MK 4/5: Re-release of Cuban film. About politics, sexuality, art.

MODMAN 01 (kr) wrote: great movie about wanting something and doing what it takes to get it !

President P (mx) wrote: The original, and of course best, Taking of Pelham One Two Three is a masterpiece. Perfect storytelling, acting, dialogue, and direction made this a truly memorable and suspenseful film as well as a film that will live on. Some films I've giving perfect five star ratings can be debated as not having that rating, but for this film, it deserves it.

Matthew D (gb) wrote: Movie Matt here with Make Mine Music. A little backstory: After Fantasia flopped at the box office, Disney had to return to a single narrative format for a little while with Dumbo & Bambi. With those two flops, Disney needed to find a way to get some of his animated output onto the screens. Make Mine Music was one of those attempts to do so, and I can say, it's a good attempt. The shorts that make up the film vary in length: some are told through song, others tell a full narrative. The music isn't classical but music that was popular in the 40s although one short is more about baseball than music. If you're looking for a full narrative flick or something not about music, this movie isn't probably up your alley but if you're a just a sucker for Disney in general (this often gets overlooked), check this movie out, it's a good one.

Zach B (es) wrote: While being a blatant rip-off of some great action films, this movie still seemed to keep me entertained. Every so often it would be so over-the-top that I couldn't help but laugh or get a kick in some way.Again, all characters, set pieces, storyline, down to the damn cars they drove we're all borrowed from some better movie. I wouldn't recommend watching this movie unless you can turn your brain off and enjoy a recycled homage of you're favorite action/sci-fi movies.It's worth a watch if there's nothing else on and you're in the mood for that sort of thing. Otherwise, I'd say skip it and go see something better.

Roxanne R (br) wrote: I thought it was good but a bit slow. I have to agree with two critics who explained the essence of this one so nicely in their review: "Old Joy may be built around a road trip, but it's also a movie about two roads -- and two souls -- diverging." "At just 76 minutes, Old Joy is a minimalist film, but illuminating, bittersweet, gentle and deeply alive." I simply love mountain scenery, nature and this one takes the viewer on a road trip around the Cascade mountain range and Bagby Hot Springs, east of Portland, Oregon. I would have to say that this is a movie about friendship, loss and alienation. Oh I want to visit Bagby Hot Springs in Portland Oregon and since I live in the West its only a matter of driving up north, super! This gem is on Netflix and I certainly understand why the critics liked it so much...So did I..Recommended!

Julian F (us) wrote: I also think this movie isn't the best out of the three hobbit movies; actually, it's the worst. The thing about it is that it has alot of really good parts, like the battle, the overly cool Dain Ironfoot and a lot of entertaining fight scenes. But it also has some nad parts. The death of Smaug seems ridiculous, that whole sequence doesn't even get close to the quality of the movie during the battle. Yes, it has its weaknesses and is the worst movie of the trilogy, but it is still very entertaining and i loved it alot, even though it lacks the perfection of the LOTR trilogy.

Amanda O (br) wrote: I guess I'm in the minority here, but I Loved this movie! I watched it three times in one week. It's raw and real and emotional. I really enjoyed this

Toni S (de) wrote: Enjoyable typical Gerard Butler action film.