On the way to meet with an independent artist in the South, newlywed art dealer Madeleine (Embeth Davidtz) is convinced by her husband, George (Alessandro Nivola), that they should stop to meet his family in North Carolina. Madeleine's affluent lifestyle clashes with the family, but she befriends George's wide-eyed and pregnant sister-in-law, Ashley (Amy Adams), who is nearing her due date. Through the family, Madeleine gains greater insight into George's character.

A dealer in "outsider" art travels from Chicago to North Carolina to meet her new in-laws, challenging the equilibrium of this middle class Southern home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David T (jp) wrote: Wow! Eye opening film. Being a doctorate student preparing to enter the health care system, this reminds me that we have a lot to do. The cause is the cure, not the treatment of symptoms.

Brock B (ca) wrote: Gangs of Wasseypur is a sprawling 5-1/2 hour epic that manages to hold your attention throughout its running time while bombarding you with hoards of explosive characters that walk in and out of the messy narrative structure. But the story is so strong, the execution so entertaining and engaging that you look past all the flaws and enjoy this shocking portrait of the Indian mafia world that is taken right out of the newspapers. It's essentially about vengeance that is inherited and passed on to generations. It's about Sardar Khan, who has shaved his head at a young age and vowed never to grow back the hair till he eliminates Ramadhir Singh, the man who killed his father. But Sardar Khan isn't just going to exact his revenge just like that, he wants to humiliate Ramadhir Singh, ruin him, little by little, beat him in his own game. He slowly builds a reputation in the muslim dominant place called, Wasseypur. Once becoming a feared gangster, he proceeds to bring down Ramadhir Singh, while at war with his fellow muslim clan, Qureshi's. Sardar Khan's son, Faisal Khan, continues what his father started and bring about the conclusion to this epic saga. We are introduced to a host of other characters, most of them not really well developed or fully rounded but leave a mark nevertheless. These characters are fascinating, colorful and each have a distinct personality, in conflict with one another and that's what keeps the momentum going, that's what keeps your attention throughout its running time. Shot in a stylish, over the top and fun fashion, the film had all the elements to become a classic gangster epic but somehow never manages that feat, in the end it's a good film that can be great sometimes but never escapes the evident flaws. Some of the characters needed developing and despite showing captions as to who each person is, you can still lose yourself keeping track of each and every character. Most of the characters' motives are unclear and some of the scenes do drag on and there were subplots that really don't go anywhere or are totally forgettable and does not help the plot. And then there is the director, whose self-indulgence sometimes hinders the film's greatness. Sure, he's crafted quite an epic but he keeps messing with the narrative, the pacing, the characters and his excess style and some poorly handled scenes really become distracting in an otherwise near-flawless film. But the performances from the ensemble cast is what holds the entire film together; without the cast the film's wobbly narrative would've collapsed on its own weight.But having said that, this is probably the best film Indian Cinema has to offer. It's not your typical Bollywood fare, it's got strong violence, language and rampant sexual content that you won't find in Bollywood films. Clearly, this was a massive undertaking; ambitious, exhilarating, always keeping you hooked despite it's huge length. It's never boring, you'll definitely want to keep watching till the end and that's quite an achievement in itself. Flawed it maybe, it's still a worthwhile film that engages and shows a facet of India's crime world that is real and it makes it all the more fascinating when you realize all of this actually happens even today. B7.5/10

Oriol N (fr) wrote: Suerte de Muchachada.

Molly B (es) wrote: This would be a fun movie to watch with kids. I love Maggie Gyllenhal. :)

Anthony A (de) wrote: Was just too slow for my attention span!

Brandon T (nl) wrote: Damp and depressing. Hard and heartbreaking. Oh, and it's scary, too!

Luke G (ru) wrote: beta house rules fuck yea

Ginger M (br) wrote: Like looking through a window and watching something that you shouldn't be seeing. It has one of the most beautiful, erotic sex scenes I have ever watched outside of real life.

Ted S (br) wrote: Visually a masterpiece! Every shot is craft fully planned; they don't plan movies like that anymore. But I miss some of the things from the play; some changes make it so it's not as heartfelt. Some of the songs go on for far too long.

Toshikau O (de) wrote: True vision of real life of real Scilian fishermen.

John R (gb) wrote: 150811: "What is the nature of government, when it has no fear of accountability?" Powerful film. Was never a fan of Alan Alda but he's fantastic in this film. Great surprise, thought a bit silly, ending.

Christopher B (it) wrote: How far would you go when you see that the looming threat of war has become inevitable? Decent script, well paced, excellent cinematography (unless you suffer from vertigo), and perfect casting - especially Sanders & Basserman.

Keegan K (kr) wrote: Great movie! I loved Dirty Dancing so I had to see this one. I love the style as it reminds me of Magic City and had some of the characters from Mad Men. The background and music and dancing were my favorites. I'd say it was pretty perfect except the ending wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

Brian B (ru) wrote: David Lynch is a filmmaker known for the absurdity of his films. However, he is also really good at inserting highly complex storylines into his movies. Every time I re-watch one of his films, I feel like I understand them a little more. More complex events which didn't make any sense to me or meant nothing to me on my first viewing feel creative once I come up with a good explanation to them. This, in turn, made Lynch a really great filmmaker. It gave his films more staying power.After a car crash renders a woman named Rita amnesiac, she partners up with a woman named Betty hoping to become a Hollywood actress as they search for answers across L.A., encountering several bizarre events in the process.There is a widely accepted broad explanation of the film. However, even after you look it up, the film still has a lot of staying power. There are several other scenes from the film which appear to go deeper, and this gives it more staying power. However, no matter how much you look up, it still always seems like there is more to learn from the film, and it still keeps you coming back. The film is constructed so that it will always be open to interpretation. Every time you first watch the movie, your initial explanation always seems off, and it's hard to feel comfortable with it without watching it more times. This movie finds a great balance between reality and fantasy. It sounds very cryptic at first. However, after you pay attention to a few clues in the film, you start to form a basic idea of what's happening, and you should be able to go off from that and expand your interpretation of the film.Like most Lynch films, this is very complicated. Lynch finds many ways of giving hints to its meaning in many possible ways. He has brilliant cinematography which includes a red and pink color scheme (this is important symbolism). He also has weird set pieces which seem out of place. One of them is when they investigate an apartment where someone named "Diane Selwyn" supposedly lives. They find a disturbing scene there which gives a frightening clue to what the film means. Also, there is a blue box and a key which seems very odd and out of place. It makes the viewer wonder what its purpose of being in the film is. Lynch made it so that every single event from the film which seemed out of place to the storyline gave somewhat of a hint to what the film meant. I liked how Lynch did this as I thought that it was a clever method. He left subtle hints that were easily noticeable, but they weren't too obvious that they gave the films' meaning away.This film also has many scary scenes. The diner scene is perhaps the most famous one. It was very suspenseful. The viewer knew that something bad might happen. However, they also had a slight feeling of confidence that they would be fine. As tension got higher, the viewer knew that anything could go wrong, and that sense of confidence kept on dwindling. However, it was still hanging on in the back of their minds. The payoff of that scene worked very well since the buildup was really good. Also, the ending scene was very terrifying as well. The lighting and camerawork made it very unnerving, and the viewer was probably horrified. Lynch made no attempts to show suspense or to build up the tension here. He just put the payoff right at the beginning of the scene to show the viewer what they had to be terrified of. The result was a terrifying sight. Also, I found that there were some scenes which seemed scarier on repeat viewings as I got to expand my interpretation of the film. Overall, this film provided a great amount of terror.The soundtrack to this film was really good. It was very ominous. Also, it contributed really well to the sense of mystery that the film had. The intro when it shows Rita's car moving down the highway feels like a haunting way to start off the film. Not only is the soundtrack dark and ominous, but it also can be emotional at times, especially with the "Love Theme". Songs from it carry several different emotions. It fits in perfectly with the movie.In conclusion, this movie is amazing. I'm not sure if it's my idea of a masterpiece (although, I feel like my rating for it could rise on future viewings), but it's still very good. It has very good ambiguity and it leaves a few clues big enough to make the viewer enjoy it a lot more on future viewings. It also has many scary scenes which can make it haunting at times, especially after you learn a bit more about its plot. It expertly represents Lynch's talent at making complicated and weird films. When "Sight & Sound" published their 2012 edition of the top 250 best movies ever made, this film ranked at #28. I still like Eraserhead a little more, but I can understand the praise for this film. It accomplishes a lot, and it may grow on me over time as well (that was what Eraserhead did after all).

Abdoulaye S (br) wrote: download stomp the yard

Khaled M (jp) wrote: So funny, I laughed my ass off.

Damien Leviathan (nl) wrote: Damn Frightening Movie!!!