Jungle Book

Jungle Book

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:28 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Jungle Book 1990 full movies, Jungle Book torrents movie

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Jungle Book torrent reviews

Ana S (it) wrote: Sweet little film where Kristen Wiig and Guy Pearce don't do anything in particular, but somehow you can't look away till you see everything that happens to them! Charming!

Greg H (mx) wrote: A laughable piece of shit- but you know that when you saw who the cast as Jobs, didn't you?

Adnan M (it) wrote: Hilarious. Kids even liked it!

Real G (nl) wrote: You know for a low budge, cheap and chessy horror film, Tormented does pretty well. It's helped by the fact that it doesn't over complicate itself and I gotta tell ya, the special FX of the dead chick is kinda freaky, especially the talking head. And it doesn't hurt that this film has some serious babes in it. Both the socialite finacee and the dead ghost woman are hot and that may be the first and only time I refer to a dead ghost woman as hot. This film follows the same viewing guidelines as Little Shop of Horrors, so if you want to watch a non-offensive, classic low budget horror film, Tormented ain't a bad one to check out.

John S (au) wrote: Pretty good albeit odd. Whereas Mother and Son focused on the spiritual and emotional connection between mother and son, this movie focused on the erotic and sexual. I liked both movies, but I still feel that I'm still missing out on Sokurov's best (and no, I'm not talking about Russian Ark).

MC L (gb) wrote: If you hate Hayden Christensen, this movie will totally blow your mind. Seriously, he's great in this.

Bruno V (br) wrote: One of the best action-movies with De Niro in it ...in totall a great cast , cool carchases ...fun dialogues ! SOMDVD

Scott C (ag) wrote: entertaining enough... i liked steve allen's performance. shame the story was a bit fictionalized, but it is hollywood after all.

Samuel C (au) wrote: A surprisingly entertaining sequal to the original classic,

Timm S (jp) wrote: A Little Goofy & Hasn't Aged Well...But I Loved It As A Kid.

Ben H (nl) wrote: Solid adaptation. A proper gangster film with interesting queer angle.

Adam B (jp) wrote: A young teenager enlists a hot chick to be his tutor, and she wants him, in this really obvious teen sex comedy. Every boy?s dream back then was to be with the hot tutor, especially after seeing this.