Jungle Fighters

Jungle Fighters

In 1942, a group of British soldiers is sent on a mission in the Malaysian jungle and gets lost into the Japanese controlled zone.

A troop of British soldiers are out in the jungle to record jungle noises and troop noises in the jungle so that the recordings can be played back by other troops to divert the enemy to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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R K (de) wrote: Saw this film at Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose last year - fantastic film! Funny and heart-warming. Highly recommend!

Hannah D (br) wrote: I had high hopes for this, and it certainly started off very well with Keira Knightley's character being brought to the psychiatric hospital in a state of hysteria. But I got rather bored for the rest of the film when Freud and Jung were speaking to each other about their theories.

Francisco S (nl) wrote: This no original and predictable movie, bring to us another predictable story with a not very strong argument, but with a good soundtrack that satisfies fans of this show.

Crystal G (fr) wrote: wow......i would be pissed if i got sentenced to 20 YEARS in a INDONESIAN prison for something I didnt do!

Josh L (it) wrote: decent, if your into the urban-action type movies

Raji K (br) wrote: Dane Cook and Jessica Alba star in the comedy Good Luck Chuck. Dane Cook is Charlie and he is cursed. Because of a childhood incident he gets a hex put on him. Women believe that if they sleep with Charlie, the next person they meet will be the person that they will spend the rest of his life with. He and his friend shallow friend Stu (Dan Fogler) do not think of this much at first and he uses this as an opportunity to have sex with many women. After being used for a while and its clear they don't care about him, he gets tired of it. When he meets, what could be the girl of his dreams Cam (Jessica Alba) he starts to get worried. All of the women he slept with really do meet the guy of their dreams, and he gets worried he will soon lose Cam. Charlie gets needy, but soon learns he must break the curse to have her.Good Luck Chuck is a sub-par comedy. The film is relatively mindless which gives makes it quite re watchable to some extent, but this mostly is for looking at Alba. The film doesn't not particularly hit the funny bone despite the efforts of Cook and Fogler. The films real only strength is watching the gorgeous Jessica Alba and a few other hot chicks seen throughout the movie. The film's characters do not have a ton of depth and there is not much of an element to this film beyond a teen comedy. -2.17.2017

Santosh D (jp) wrote: my teenage favorite.

Gabriel K (de) wrote: This movie is widely regarded as a "classic" mokumentary, and perhaps my expectations were too high. It was entertaining alright, but I found it a little flat.

Reece L (ag) wrote: Gay cinema is largely awash with mediocre soft-core smut, so for a film to gracefully explore race, economics, and homophobia in an intelligent, entertaining way is nothing short of miraculous. Smart, funny, and willing to tackle hot-button issues fearlessly, " My Beautiful Laundrette" is an excellent example of the possibilities of low-budget filmmaking, boasting a script littered with witty lines and a performance from Daniel Day Lewis worthy of it's legacy in gay film history.

Boris M (jp) wrote: Great concept. Great execution.

Chad N (fr) wrote: I enjoyed the movie mostly because I did not let the micro-budget process take away from the story being told. Richard Cranor did an amazing job in telling a story that was obviously very personal to him.Here is a copy of my review on IMDB:When first introduced to the title I immediately thought of Cheech and Chong's Next Movie. Space weed and "trippin'" is what I had a feeling this movie was going to be about, and while that was part of it, it certainly wasn't anything like Cheech and Chong.Star Leaf tells the story of 3 friends on a road "trip" to find a special strain of extra terrestrial marijuana, the Star Leaf. This drug, they hope, will help their friend cope with the effects of PTSD. Unfortunately for the group, there are rules to be followed when partaking of this cure and needless to say, some one always breaks the rules.The story actually has multiple morals intertwined into decisions we may all face day-to-day one way or the other.Primarily, if you use marijuana or not, it is difficult not to sympathize with a set of friends trying to help their buddy suffering from PTSD. The tolls of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq have left us with soldiers much like our veteran in this movie. Our veteran struggles with the idea of using a possible illicit substance, being an upstanding person, however, he is probably in the greatest need of the relief the Star Leaf will bring to his affliction.Beyond the overt medicinal and or recreational uses of marijuana the story reminds us "There are rules". With great relief and or "high" comes great responsibility. And if you break the rules, there will be consequences. This is much like our politicians like to remind us, that if marijuana is legal, there are still regulations around it.The consequences for breaking the rules are exactly when things go to hell in a hand-basket for our friends. While it is not quite a "horror" element, it definitely gets the point across. I would categorize this movie more as a Sci-Fi Drug Thriller.Richard Cranor, who directed and wrote this film, filmed most of it right in the forests of Olympia Washington near where he resides. Ironically, Richard plays "Ranger Dave" a kind of law enforcement man watching over the "rules". Yet another not so subtle reminder, you can partake, but the law is watching.What made this movie compelling for me was Richard Cranor's personal story. He has a brother who struggled with PTSD and Richard himself was stricken with cancer. Knowing this going into watching the film made me appreciate the personal connection he made with this movie.I don't want to add too many spoilers, but I will write: Star Leaf is a movie with a message that resonates in my opinion. As indie movies go, I really enjoyed it. You do not have to be high or on something to get enjoyment out of the story, although I am sure the story might seem different if you were. I particularly like movies when things go to hell due to the characters bringing it down on themselves, and this movie delivers.One can never go into watching a micro-budget movie expecting a full-fledged Hollywood flick. There is not unlimited cash to make everything picture perfect, so be forgiving. Take the story for what it's worth and enjoy the filmmaker's vision. I look forward to more of Richard Cranor's work as I think he has lots of story to tell.


Brittany C (br) wrote: A movie everyone should see, at least once in their lifetime.