Jungle Girl and the Slaver

Jungle Girl and the Slaver

The sequel to 1956's "Liane, Jungle Goddess" finds the title character still a jungle goddess, but captured by slave traders.

Liane, the white jungle goddess, encounters some of her rich relatives from Hamburg who have come to search for her, but she is soon kidnapped by a ring of slave traders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kunal D (es) wrote: I'm rating it 5 star as a punjabi film

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Ana B (mx) wrote: Crime movie following the endeavours of Louisiana detective Dave Robicheaux, based in the novel by the same title of James Lee Burke. Dave is indeed a busy sheriff as he has to deal with corrupt businessmen, the discovery of a long dead negro corpse, the violent death of two local prostitutes and the colourful production crew of a new movie that is being shot in his town, Iberia, still torn in the aftermath of Katrina.Dave has to navigate through a maze of half truths and innuendos while struggling with his personal life: he is a recovering alcoholic, he has narrowly survived two attempts of assassination and occasionally has visions of him having conversations with a confederate officer, General Hood, which offers him advice and tries to help him in his quest to discover the guilty part in this complex plot.I really like detective films and this one is not bad at all, it is a bit hard sometimes to follow all the threads of the story especially when it is a fast paced movie and characters have that strong southern accent. But indeed has all the right elements a clever and charismatic detective, an apparently unsolvable mystery and the unhelpful town people. The characters are a bit flat without much development but indeed the plot didn't require it.

Mommas Bunch (ca) wrote: Good thing I watched this before I became a big Christian Bale Fan. As watching an actor you think is hot and sexy play Jesus just is uncomfortable and plain not right. Couldn't watch this movie now. Liked it from a Mothers view back then.

Evan H (gb) wrote: I watched this movie when it first came out and watched it again recently and wow it's so touching! Has a few great people in it as well! Pretty funny movie!

Aaron B (gb) wrote: Great film - my sole reservation is that I wish it focused more on Stephen Biko himself. Denzel Washington excels at bringing his character to life in apartheid-era South Africa.

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Jon R (de) wrote: Just love the facial expressions this film has! Not bad for an old black & white! Wouldn't recommend it when the lads come round though...

Laurie L (ag) wrote: A very very bad movie, but a lot of laughs if you watch the MST3K version.

Angela P (es) wrote: How can you go wrong with Marlene Dietrich and Cary Grant? And Von Sternberg's cinematography makes it even better. Well done all around.