Junko intai kinen eiga: Kantô hizakura ikka

Junko intai kinen eiga: Kantô hizakura ikka


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female yakuza,  

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Junko intai kinen eiga: Kantô hizakura ikka torrent reviews

Paul M (kr) wrote: Not as bad as I was expecting as it plays more like a parody. The only problem is that it plays it a bit too straight to be a true parody and is not bad enough to be enjoyable for its utter crapness. It does have a few good moments and, at least, keeps it short.

Rohan D (fr) wrote: A not very good movie for the name that it has been given and,the great franchise that it has ruined.Good acting as usual by Randeep Hooda,Sara Loren looks gorgeous and the rest including the police officer are average.Average plot,bad direction.

James D (nl) wrote: Pretty decent film, I've never really watched many animated superhero films but I think I might start. It's a good story, some great action, and it's fun to see no bounds in an animated film, can really push the limits of powers. It's basically Superman vs Lex Luther vs The Clock (Superman is dying). I'd recommend it for comic fans, it's a fun hourish in front of the TV. 3.5/5 JD

Sam B (us) wrote: Loved every moment of this movie, it shows that even the losers can come back to be victorious

Ann M (ru) wrote: zalige, grappige, ontroerende film over heel alledaagse dingen.. aanrader... ze tonen hem zondag nog een keer in euroscoop genk

Shawn R (br) wrote: Just not worth my time. Thy had hard enough time telling one story without going into three. Sorry.

Adam R (de) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Lloyd D (kr) wrote: Only being a Cook fan is any merit to this crappy 2nd sequel. The idea of the Gene unleased on a collage is a great idea in thory but here they got lazy and made the Gene into a Terminator style killer with wishes. The wishes are stupid, the acting mosty is crap and Connery doesnt have Divoffs style in wisecracking sounding horrible. Cheap effects are not helped by post cutting of gore for the MA rating either.

Dan H (au) wrote: An awful movie. The sets are good, there are maybe 5 or 6 chuckle-worthy moments, Will Smith is halfway decent at odd intervals, and I like that spider at the end for some odd reason. Unfortunately, about 97% of the jokes fall flat (especially the uncomfortable amount of black jokes), and the action/adventure partsdon't rear their heads all that often. This is, unfortunately, a film that is more-so interested in being a weird buddy cop comedy(Where the buddy cops are constantly at each others' throats, not fun. Also, both cops are assholes in their own ways) than an adaptation of the old TV show. This was also the film that committed the unforgivable sin of giving us Will Smith in drag (MY EYES!!!!). I don't know who they thought this movie would appeal to? As is, Wild Wild West is a slog that is sure to appeal to absolutely no one. Skip It!

Christopher C (au) wrote: My favourite part was actually a bible qoute that gatewood said in the film... I believe its Mathew 16:26, he said 'What does it profit a man to gain the whole world......and lose his soul?' America was built off the suffering of others, and its still doing it today... "A man cannot call himself free if his freedom is based on the oppression of others...."

Jack B (ru) wrote: old style horror updated.

Sonia A (fr) wrote: I felt it was a cute touchy movie...u get to know that such heroes definatly exist somewhere in life!!! Salman Khan as I said is always a Delight!!! and he acted so well ...!!!A tear came down my eye...but Sunny Deol was RIDICULOUS as Usual!!!

A Z (mx) wrote: 2nd watch: Pretty sure this is underrated. Solid film and acting. Guess reality hurts.

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