Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending

In a universe where human genetic material is the most precious commodity, an impoverished young Earth woman becomes the key to strategic maneuvers and internal strife within a powerful dynasty…

Jupiter Jones, who was born in the night sky, is predicted that her fate will bring a great change to the world. But day by day,  Jupiter Jones is still a normal person brushing toilet until Caine appears ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rameshrao S (us) wrote: what about the 12%..?

Meleki S (jp) wrote: Awesome action packed movie with great acting and great story.

Lewis P (es) wrote: Well-intentioned Immigrant Saga fails to reach Art House Grandeur*** This review may contain spoilers ***Here's a film that aspires to be included in the ranks of European Art Films but unfortunately doesn't quite make the grade. Before we flashback to the main story, we're treated to two "flash forward" scenes: one set in the 60s when the main character, Inge, buries her husband and another scene twenty or so years later when the grandson buries Inge. Instead of getting right into the story which is set in 1920s Minnestoa, we're treated to quite a bit of slow-paced, unnecessary exposition. When we finally do get to the core of the story, where Inge (well played by Elizabeth Reaser) comes to America, we find out little about the personalities of the characters.Most of the first half of the movie deals with Inge trying to cope with a hostile community where she barely speaks any English (it's not really explained very clearly, but Inge is a mail-order bride from Norway but she's actually German who's been living in Norway). Her husband-to-be Olaf, is a Norwegian-American who is unable to communicate with her in German (it appears that he can speak Norwegian and so can she--well at least I thought I heard her speak some Norwegian during the film) but they choose not to because the town minister insists that she only speak English. So quite unconvincingly, when they are alone, they never converse in Norwegian which would probably help her to learn English a lot faster.Reaser does a good job at showing how difficult it is learning a new language and there are some scenes that are fairly compelling as Inge and her hard-working farmer-husband learn to love each other. But beyond that what do we find out about the characters in this film? Well there's Olaf, who's a bit of a Stoic but also a real good guy who saves his best friend's farm by bidding for it at an auction (even though he doesn't have the money!). And of course there's the minister, who is caught up in the anti-German hysteria of the day and gives Inge a real hard time. But of course, he's really not such a bad guy after all because eventually he inexplicably comes to accept her. And in fact, all the neighbors, who at first appear as though they're going to start a witch-hunt against Olaf and his potential bride, suddenly have a change of heart and actually give Olaf the cash to buy his best friend's farm which prevents the family from being evicted.1920 Minnesota doesn't prove to be much of a bad place after all--not a bad apple amongst the suspicious neighbors who all turn out to collectively have hearts of gold. It's comfortable like a Hallmark Greeting Card but does not bode well for good drama which needs more of a sinister protagonist to keep things interesting. As we step back into 1920, we feel the author only has a superficial sense of what it was like to live back in that time. Oh yes, there's a nice attempt to recreate the look of the period with the old Model-T cars and gramophones but without in-depth characters, the film ultimately proves to be an exercise in sentimental storytelling.

Michelle S (ca) wrote: Funny as hellyeah! Katt Williams is hellarious!!

Justin B (es) wrote: Well... this is embarrassing. With my only other Tinto Brass experience being Caligula, I must say that the smut feels much more at home here and overall It was better than I ever could have predicted with boundless enthusiastic energy and decent photography. But that said, this will be far too... *ahem* racy for most.

Moni B (br) wrote: A very nice 'biography' about the 1st German boygroup. ;) The rise of the Nazis as background makes it even more interesting.

Camille L (mx) wrote: Celtic Pride n'a pas vraiment grand-chose pour lui. Deuxime scnario pour le cinma de Judd Apatow, cette pochade sur deux solards fans des Celtics kidnappant le meilleur joueur de l'quipe en face vaut surtout pour ses acteurs, qui sont absolument parfaits. Si Daniel Stern et Dan Aykroyd sont destins pour ces rles, Damon Wayans est une rvlation, en 1996, en tant que star de basketball. Celtic Pride possde quelques rebondissements inattendus et beaucoup de chaleur humaine pour contrecarrer ses errances scnaristiques dans le second acte, o les arcs n'ont rien de novateur. Avec un ralisateur aussi impersonnel que Tom DeCerchio, Celtic Pride aurait pu tre un massacre de comdie, mais le film se trouve tre minemment sympathique et prenant. Ce n'est clairement pas le meilleur film d'aucune des parties impliques, mais c'est un divertissement acceptable. C'est dj pas mal.

John W (ru) wrote: It was a good movie. I liked the new twist on Jekyll & Hyde. It makes drug abuse an all too real thing even in the circles of the intelligent.

Elek M (gb) wrote: Other than the opening comments about AIDS its hysterical

Michael D (kr) wrote: Thanks to Mrs. Plecky I will never forget this movie.

Eric G (fr) wrote: One of my favorite movies from the 1940's, due largely to the fact that Slim falls in love after spending time with Joan Leslie. For me, seeing his dreams come true inspires me to see that love can be disproportioned, yet still possible.

Jacob B (us) wrote: It cleverly satirizes the "found footage" genre, even if it does get a little juvenile for its own good.

Andrey B (de) wrote: Typical and ordinary but somehow manages to hold your attention and is quite enjoyable.

Oliver N (ag) wrote: Other than a welcome appearance from Sean Connery in his infinite wisdom, the acting is pretty poor, plotline muddled, and the cheese levels are undeniably sky-high. But, throughout its many flaws, I have no doubt in calling Highlander the most guilty-pleasure movie out their at the moment... And fun to say the least.Verdict: B+