Amitabh Bachchan plays a rich playboy who makes a bet with his friend, Vinod Mehra, which costs an innocent girl, Rakhee Gulzar, her honor. Kicked out by her father, she flees and makes a new life for herself as a singer. It takes two hours to straighten out the misunderstanding, obtain forgiveness from her father and finally reunite a reformed Bachchan with his heroine.

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Jurmana torrent reviews

WS W (nl) wrote: Although playing with the same old horror elements from the genre once again, it is indeed kinda watchable, with some decent acting by the leading Alexandra Essoe.

Damir A (gb) wrote: A pale imitation of the original. Watchable though.

Marc G (br) wrote: By the end you realize not much happened.

Andrew R (kr) wrote: Very important film; not that cinematically impressive, but that's not the point.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Perhaps a little dated and lacking much relevance to a modern audience, it is however a very subtle critic on the Soviet ideals whilst at the same time working within the framework of the totalitarian system it was made. Excellent film making given the circumstances.

Tyler B (us) wrote: First off, I am quite biased to this series because I love the franchise. I really liked this second installment. While it doesn't provide the tension to match it's predecessor, it utilizes gore and body count to a satisfactory effect. This movie provides yet another thrilling entry into the legend of Michael Myers. The hospital setting provided a catalyst to create a very creepy atmosphere for Michael to lurk and thrive in. Jamie Lee Curtis proves why she is the "Scream Queen" while Donald Pleasance continues to impress with the Loomis character. A must see for slasher fans and stands atop most sequels!

Brian R (it) wrote: Great, Great, great movie. A lot of action.

Dedmeet C (us) wrote: Well made and entertaining, but in "the end" this movie is a tremendous letdown. And the coverpicture has nothing at all to do with this movie btw... This movie sells and then fails to deliver.

XDJoker H (ru) wrote: Another Norm of the North abomination.