Jûsan-nin no shikaku

Jûsan-nin no shikaku

A group of samurai plan to assassinate a sadistic feudal lord.

A sadistic Daimyo (feudal lord) rapes a woman and murders both her and her husband, but even when one of his own vassals commits suicide to bring attention to the crime, the matter is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank F (jp) wrote: Sweet and fresh but is cornered by bad acting and stereotypical plots.

Tiffany D (gb) wrote: This satire is more homage than hilarious; the pace is slo-o-ow and the plot is bare-bones - but it's so chock full of nostalgia and heart that it evens out. Plus, there's a brief Amy Sedaris cameo - and that always helps. 3 stars

Andrew R (ag) wrote: Utterly perplexed by this movie about Jamaican deportees who are sent to a land where half the actors do not have Jamaican accents and where soca music is played at a dancehall party. Totally missed the mark with the setting and this obscures whatever story they were trying to tell. I can't find a garbage can big enough to place this movie. If I owned this on DVD it would be a coaster. If I owned this on VHS this would be a paper weight. If I owned this on laserdisc I'd used it as a reflector in my backyard to attract pigeons. Nonsense and a waste of my life watching this.

O S (mx) wrote: I understand why they brought Timberlake, but it didn't help.

Lisa B (gb) wrote: average. predictable

Tommaso D (it) wrote: Bradley Cooper successfully manages to portray an highly sympathetic lead character, also helped by a dazzling script.All in all, Limitless is a satisfying drama enlighted by the charisma of its cast.

Doug D (ru) wrote: This is a classic. Great dialogue, snappy responses. Keeps the momentum going through the last scene. Gory funny vampireness, actually made me thirsty. Good extras on the DVD also. "Seriously, not even vomit could tarnish that sweet a$$." is only the beginning. Enjoy.

Ben W (ag) wrote: for a fan of bergmans work, this cannot be missed. its a revealing glimpse into the heart of the man. it discusses all the places hes been emotionally throughout his work.

Kenny V (fr) wrote: Totally missed opportunity to document one of the late 60's experiments.

Tor M (it) wrote: Carlos Reygadas' second full feature and now I have seen all his flicks. The very interesting director's most provokative film I would say. Sex, blood, depression all over the line.We follow Marcos, a working-man that has kidnapped a baby for ransom money, but things does not turn out as planned for Marcos or his wife. The mind-absent and guilty man's life and choices is what we follow. The film manage to keep a minimal focus too this true plot, really. It's always inside Marcos head, but he has much else going on. The Generals daughter, for example. She works as some sort of prostitute, while he works as her driver and she is impotant for him in many ways.Many nice techniques here and it's weirdly, but effectively presented. One specific sex-scene is terrific where the capturing is doing everything else than making it explicit. A highlight. A confusing and affecting film. Grotesque and graphic, but at the same time very beautiful. The gritty sound mix and sound scenery is something that you can like or hate. I liked it a lot.I miss a true punch and there is a little bit too much of nothingness here. Artsy and hard to place on a rating scale. The director has openly given out explenations that makes it simpler to "get" - this makes it better and less random. This is well crafted and meaningful. Worth a go, but surely not for everyone - just like his other films. Films that I grade from fantastic too all right. This is all right plus.6 out of 10 knee steps.

Elgan D (nl) wrote: A suave gangster picture with Beatty charismatic if not always convincing as a menacing mobster in the titular role. Is not held as a great of the genre despite it's strong cast and this is probably because it is lacking in impact or memorable sequences.

Michael W (de) wrote: Scuttled comedy effort has spoiled rich woman getting amnesia and claimed by poor, untidy handyman as his wife to collect on unpaid work. Film takes on water early on with unappealing characters and cannot fully bail itself out with attempts in the latter stages to humanize the participants. Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Randy Newman solidifies his legacy with another completely forgettable film composition.

Reece L (gb) wrote: Although it largely amounts to nothing more than "look at these cute old people splash around in a pool" and the sentimentality is almost suffocatingly saccharine, the old people are undeniably cute.

Dax S (jp) wrote: Very good pacing and acting, hard to follow at some points though

Igor A (de) wrote: dosta dobar film!!! ne sretnav nekogo da ne mu se dopadne...ona sto mi preci e amerikanskata propaganda...znaci ovaka, Rusite go macat amerikanskiot spion, a Amerikancite ne go macat...demokratski se odnesuvaat i civilizirano...koja smeurija...golema greska na Steven Spielberg sto ja ubacil taa scena...pa duri i toa da e vistina, ne trebal toa da go prikaze...no, koga se pravi film vo Holivud ne se misli deka i nekoj nadvor od USA ke go gleda fimov...inace filmov e skoro odlicen, od mene 4.5 ima...glumata e ludilo!