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Just a Beginning

"Just A Beginning" follows a nursery school class for a period of two years. But this is a very unusual class as the children, aged three to five study... philosophy! Seated in a circle ...

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. . philosophy! Seated in a circle . . . But this is a very unusual class as the children, aged three to five study. "Just A Beginning" follows a nursery school class for a period of two years

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Users reviews

Al M (jp)

The less said about Shallow Ground the better, for it is indeed an original and surprising piece of horror cinema. Shallow Ground opens prevocatively enough with a blood-drenched young boy appearing at a rural police station in an area that has been plagued by disaster and mass murder. A brutal exploration of the dark deeds we keep hidden in the closet and powerful force of vengeance. Shallow Ground is an always cheap-looking but profoundly disturbing and original piece of horror cinema

Alexander B (mx)

this movie was not. i think rooster teeth is clever, its funny, and its pretty different/unique. i'm a rooster teeth fan

Ashley R (gb)

Definitely recommended for a bad movie night. I got more than I expected from this one. Awesome

Brian K (br)

Worth a viewing. I enjoyed the dialog and the characters throughout the movie. Some may call the ending a tad preachy it truly tied the entire movie up nicely. This was a fun movie to watch

Ed C (jp)

It's an old theme (snuff films) updated to the Internet setting (online betting, current video). The actual objectives take time to surface. Screenplay: 9/10 Initial objectives seem clear enough. Acting: 5/10 Fine if you like twenty-somethings who still reside in the teen maturity range. Sound: 4/10 Bad microphone problems, but incidental sounds are much creepier than the oddly planned visuals. The switches from narration filming (good, steady, well done) to the POV of the reality show camera people (so-so to poor webcams) is a little jarring. The split screens (multiple points of view) were sometimes interesting. Some of the exteriors were just fine. '----Scores----- Cinematography: 7/10 Better than webcam quality, but not always by much. As in many mysteries, it's 'follow the money. Then they get to see the betting odds on each of their characters. The company that planned the contest has a stub beta site with heavy encryption, or so it seems. Hence no subscribers. He cannot find any reference to their contest. Rex cobbles together an internet connection. No one responds. They radio for help. Game over, according to the rules. Emma keeps asserting his guilt; Danny hangs himself. Soon after the visitor leaves they find some of his gear near the drop site with blood on it. Great stuff. Emma feels OK invading everyone else's space. Before leaving, the visitor steals a piece of Emma's underwear and hides it in Danny's room. Not a good sign. He's never heard of them. A visitor drops in who is an internet programmer. The 'bloody' hammer next to one of the women in bed one morning was a further shift. During the film they get bricks (sad tale from the younger days of one of the women) and a letter notifying the death in the family of one of the contestants; the next package has champagne and a gun (gun violence in the past of one of the men). The six contestants always hope for food. Are the crows and owls in the attic bad omens or just something one should expect (cold winter, relatively warm attic)? The packages from the outside tend to contain messages to the individuals. Does the desire for money overcome one's other obligations? Part of the proceedings occur in the Canadian winter, and the furnace breaks down. They get a million dollars if they succeed. --------- Six fools agree to live in one house for six months. Over the Internet snuff reality show with online betting

Facebook U (nl)

Valentine is still a solidly well made little slasher film with great characters, good kills & a small mount of humor & also has a great soundtrack & a clever twist that turns itself on its head

Grant H (de)

It's got some interesting production values and style, as well as a few good performances from Slater, Glover, and White. Throughout the movie, the script is smart and funny at moments, but the film itself isn't very well-made. Ok movie

John Paul George E (it)

. . . except for the bad guys. . . happy ending for everybody. . . and the mystery of the girls death is solved. . . . the story is funny. .

Kelly K (ca)

I have seen better comedies. It was far too vulgar and awkward for me to laugh. There was not really that much to laugh about. I was disappointed. I have heard that this is one of the best comedies out there, but I have to disagree

Nicki M (kr)

I enjoyed this movie second time around. 2017 rewatch: have upgraded half a star. Jason Biggs is barely in this, surprisingly. He also wasn't believable as someone such a beautiful girl would go for. His accent was shocking and the phrases cringeable. The worst one was the fake Australian ex. Krysten's Kim really struggles here and it isn't all roses. Yes, they're all a bit pretty, and Krysten in particular does not look the part of an exhausted single mum, but I liked that they weren't played as perfect, and, ending aside, being a single mum wasn't glorified as being a wonderful thing. I liked the trio of Krysten Ritter, Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson. I have to admit, I got a little bored with this by the (over cute) end, but I didn't mind this and I think I will watch it again when I'm not as tired as I am at the moment, see if it makes a difference