Just Another Day

Just Another Day

Follows a day in the life of two men living at either end of the music game. A successful rapper, A-Maze, is dealing with the pitfalls and trappings of his success and facing new challenges in the music business to get a check while the other, Young Eastie, is a young man struggling in a harsh world that is threatening to destroy him.

Follows a day in the life of two men living at either end of the music game. A successful rapper, A-Maze, is dealing with the pitfalls and trappings of his success and facing new challenges... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natasa R (gb) wrote: is better than Blue Crush 1.


Shalini G (jp) wrote: Must watch..lovely testimony to human spirit

Navjeet S (fr) wrote: abhi rocked the movie !!

Ken H (es) wrote: A bittersweet and thoroughly enjoyable film. Just enough back story and a paced lead-in to the action. Miranda was sufficiently mature and sufficiently naive to be believable in the story. Michael Douglas steals the film with his manic, obsessive quest for Spanish gold. A thin sub-subplot involving a female cop seemed out of place. And, I would have enjoyed it if the director would have included more of Pepper in the story...he had more to give than he was given. That aside, King of California was well worth watching and avoided going over-the-top in the story.

Erik H (jp) wrote: Great David Mamet gem with Dustin Hoffman & Dennis Franz. They star as small time hustlers looking to get back a rare nickel that one of them sold only to find out it was worth thousands of dollars more than they originally thought. Both actors play off one another very well as does Sean Nelson of 'Fresh' fame as a young hustler they try to teach. Dustin Hoffman is the main reason to watch this. A simply amazing performance in a very good film.

Charlotte L (us) wrote: I've never before seen a film quite like this, not many are set in remote religious communities. The plot doesn't throw up many surprises but its originality saved it, as well as a typically angsty and rebellious Patricia Arquette.

Adam R (it) wrote: (First viewing - Childhood)

Jessica C (mx) wrote: I loved this movie. I saw it Christmas day with the family. Lots of laughs.

Sarfara A (es) wrote: Mr. Majestyk action film directed by Richard Fleischer/ Starring Charles Bronson and Al Lettieri. The film is based on a novel written by Elmore Leonard. Vince Majestyk (Charles Bronson) is a Colorado melon-grower who treats his immigrant workers decently. After he battles a corrupt labor operator (Bobby) Majestyk, though, is the one who lands in jail and becomes the target of an assassin (Al Lettieri). Film opens beautifully and finishes in style. Charles Bronson doesn't seem to go on break in good-old-decade-of-70s. He owns charismatic personality in the film, fearless man without gun, his fist is enough to send guy like Al Lettieri flying down like a thin-light paper. Excellent music-score adds so much more to sweet story that is just worth watching again and again.

John B (us) wrote: wonderful to see this book come to life as I really enjoyed watching this one with good acting and story line. It's gotta be true if a 4 year old can show us

Katarna T (mx) wrote: My favorite movie :-)

Colonel K (au) wrote: Love the movie, love the actors, and love the script but something for me was just missing.

Jeff B (de) wrote: Jose Ferrer is excellent in this, but the story plays out in a very uninteresting way. Like most Preminger films I've seen, I like the look of it and the premise, but it plays a bit too slow and everyone seems a bit detached from any real emotion--Ferrer excepted.

Geraint O (fr) wrote: Interesting that this film was released literally days after the Nazis attacked the Soviet Union- the point in which the whole of left was united behind the war effort.Based on a book by then 8 years old, this is a great Socialist Second World War propoganda film. This was made during the war, but set before it, but was really about what the world should be like after it. Set totally in the pre-war period, some pretty subversive and for and for many an uncomfortable point becomes clear to people watching this. Even in the grim days of 1941- life was better for many working class people than 1930s peactime- because at least you had work and food on your table, and the implication of this was the post war world had better not be like the 1930s. Working Class people, and the Left were not fighting to bring back the "England" of 1939, but something new, something better. Clearly this is not "This Happy Breed", "In Which We Serve", (or for that matter the post war "Chance of a Lifetime") which offered a more consensusual and comfortable view of "class". This is a demand for fairness for working people, not a vague statement that it's a nice idea. Also very different role than we are used to seeing from Deborah Kerr too, the star of the film- in a gritty role.