Just Another Love Story

Just Another Love Story

Jonas is a Copenhagen homicide scene photographer, happily married, with two kids. One day, his car stalls, another car slams into him, runs head on into a third car and flips into the ditch. The other driver, Julia, is critically injured. He visits her in the hospital and is greeted by her family, who assumes he must be the Sebastian she told them about, the new fiance she met in Vietnam.

Life in the suburbs as a father of two has worn down Jonas. When a victim of a car crash mistakes him for her boyfriend Sebastian, things take a very dramatic turn as the line between truth and deception is erased. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seraphic W (nl) wrote: Why the hell has it taken me so long to watch this movie?! Shame on me.Thoroughly enjoyed.

monsieur r (ca) wrote: Incredible film, James Woods fights for artistic expression in Cincinnati as an art director. The tense drama of society embattled over still photographs is amazing. Much like the Inquisition of old, Cincinatti behaves as a bunch of morons upset over pictures depicting nudity. Just outstanding as James Woods and his family endure hardship over his stand to allow photo exibit pictures to be public. Not surprising is the public outcry, Republican (Newt Gingrich) denunciations in Congress... you name it. This is a fascinating portrayal of the modern day public going ape over nudity. A Cincinnati museum director * goes on trial in 1990 for exhibiting sadomasochistic photographs taken by Robert Mapplethorpe. [* NOTE: As his marriage begins to disintegrate and the prospect of a jail sentence looms before him, the Director finds himself torn between his devotion to his family and his determination to defend the doctrines of the First Amendment. Director Barrie ultimately is found not guilty. Via an epilogue we learn his marriage eventually ended in divorce and, despite his legal victory, his experience and the wide publicity it received consequently impacted on other museum curators and boards who opted to avoid presenting potentially controversial exhibits in their venues for fear of a similar backlash.] And we think we are better today than in Michaelangelo's day? At least we don't burn people, literally, at the stake today. Or do we? Directed by Frank Pierson Produced by Michael Manheim Written by Ilene Chaiken Starring James Woods (director Barrie) Craig T. Nelson Diana Scarwid Music by Mark Snow Cinematography Hiro Narita Editing by Peter Zinner Distributed by MGM Television Release date(s) May 20, 2000 (USA) Running time 104 minutes

Ed H (au) wrote: Screened Moon at Chalmette Cinemas ( will open 5/6)Today and it was a very moving film. I wish the entire family would come and support this fine Louisiana made movie about childhood fears and being alone. Jimmie Bennett is terrific and so is John Goodman. Highly recommended!

Marta R (fr) wrote: It had its moments....

Jessica M (ca) wrote: A quirky, alternate film. Slow, but steadily enjoyable and has a good sense of realistic acting.

Joeli E (ru) wrote: I saw the review of this on At the Movies and judgin from David and Margaret, it will be pretty good.

Kim S (us) wrote: I may not sound like I like Ben Affleck in this review, but I really do appreciate the hard work he does. His character had moments of above average believability, but for the most part I didn't feel like he really pulled off the reaction to all the drama that insued in this film. John Cleese always blows me away and I loved the writing in the last quarter of the film. Gina Gershon contributes her worth of comedic delivery with her off the cuff smartass looks and body language. It's a HUGE gift people. Don't fool yourselves. Rebecca R. is truly working on her craft in this one. I see improvements in her abilities with each film that she takes on. There's a list of good minor character roles in this one and all the actors deliver. I liked this film. I hope you do too.

Champ S (ag) wrote: funny and not a bad combination of different of similar movies

Julius G (fr) wrote: Where's the old Adam Sandler we want him back. This movie was really good and really funny it is the best Adam Sandler movie ever. This movie was original and had good story. Yes it is a bit cheesy but nonetheless really entertaining to watch and it has great replay value.

Hugh W (gb) wrote: Another sleeper. One of my favorite sci-fi/post apoc movies. Solid cast and good story line.

Joe M (au) wrote: Problem Child is horribly acted, has lame jokes, and features one of the worst child actors in history.

Iigo A (es) wrote: The best film by Pedro Almodvar. Watching Carmen Maura and Maria Barranco acting is almost a dream come true.

Mira A (es) wrote: Few the movies that can change your way of thinking. This is one of them

Jessica H (jp) wrote: It looks amazing, but that's not a good enough reason for a sequel.

Anthony A (gb) wrote: I really like Elvis anyhow, but this was really cool. Plus Shelley Fabares is super cute.

sameen a (es) wrote: ma most favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg W (ca) wrote: charlie at his little tramp finest

centeria c (kr) wrote: Im in love with a church girl

Brandon W (gb) wrote: For Casino Royale to reinvent the Bond franchise in a modern darker take on the character, Quantum of Solace takes a giant step backward. This film doesn't feel like a James Bond film at all. It feels like your typical action film where the main hero's name just happens to be James Bond. Two of the biggest problems that I kept on seeing in this film was the coincidences that tied the plot together and the headache enduring action scenes. Casino Royale had a plot that flowed well. Each scene neatly set up the next one and so on and so forth with enough new information to keep the audience interested and understanding. In this film, the scenes are tied together by a needle and a thread. Instead of understanding why James Bond is going after these bad guys and really knowing who the bad buys are, the scenes are tied together by the lovely, "Oh, how convenient!" moments. As for the action, it is so hard to watch. I've stated before that the pre-credits car chase is one of the worst edited action scenes in movie history. I understand the need to make the scene seem intense, but it comes across as confusing and ultimately boring. It's a shame because they had some good set-pieces for some great action sequences. The foot chase through Italy, the boat chase in the harbour of Haiti, and the plane chase over the dessert. Also, there is one shot in particular where the CGI rendering was definitely not up to modern James Bond status. If you repackaged this film as just another generic 2000's action film, then it wouldn't have been that bad, but this film isn't worthy of the 007 recognition.