Just Before I Go

Just Before I Go

Ted Morgan has been treading water for most of his life. After his wife leaves him, Ted realizes he has nothing left to live for. Summoning the courage for one last act, Ted decides to go home and face the people he feels are responsible for creating the shell of a person he has become. But life is tricky. The more determined Ted is to confront his demons, to get closure, and to withdraw from his family, the more Ted is yanked into the chaos of their lives. So, when Ted Morgan decides to kill himself, he finds a reason to live.

On the verge of giving up on life, Ted returns to his hometown to settle some scores. And things don';t go as planned. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mad M (us) wrote: So there are 3 character dynamics: the main character, the crazy friend, and the family. The main character and the family develop well, but the crazy friend drags it down. Some good parts (especially the off-beat, whimsical aspect) but some parts try too hard.

Jesse O (kr) wrote: This movie is really fun despite having little to no dialogue between the characters. There's voice overs for the main two characters that ties everything together but everything else are visual gags and creative use of slapstick. I would definitely recommend this movie, it's fun and charming.

Private U (au) wrote: After seeing and loving Red Doors Blockbuster suggested Double Happiness for me. It was a good movie even though it was confusing and hard to follow at times. What made this movie was Sandra Oh in one of her earliest roles. Her performance was spectacular and made the movie.

katherine r (nl) wrote: Probably considered a chick flick. Whatever thats suppose to mean.

Erika T (de) wrote: i actually really liked it...super eerie & i wanted to punch half the people in the face. also i kept thinking they were calling him pierce not PS. the boys so loveable. super entertaining not knowing whats gonna happen,i wish his dad wouldve came back at the end.

Cristbal S (nl) wrote: Funny and with an enchanting cast , "10 Things" is predictable and nothing new, but a great teen movie in the end.

Aram G (de) wrote: Lynch's underrated masterpiece.Tour De Force through wild, angry and infinite imagination

Adam R (nl) wrote: (First and only viewing - 10/26/2008)

Ben T (de) wrote: The inbetweeners is one of my favourite comedy shows of all time, it funny, disgusting, has some brilliant characters and 4 very likable leads. So going into this movie I was very skeptical. But you know what this was actually pretty fun. Is it a great movie? No. Is it fun? Yeah it is. It was very funny and a really fun time. I wouldn't say this is a must watch film. Hell I doubt I'll be rewatching it any time soon. But you know what for what it is it's pretty good. Also it has a great end credits scene.B-.

Daniel P (au) wrote: Based on a true story, the rapes, pedophilia, torture and murder are just all that much worse amd harder to watch.