Just Buried

Just Buried

A young man inherits a nearly bankrupt funeral home from his estranged father. He falls in love with the alluring young mortician, only to find out she's offing people to keep the place in business!

A young man inherits a nearly bankrupt funeral home from his estranged father. He falls in love with the alluring young mortician, only to find out she's offing people to keep the place in business! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren B (gb) wrote: Not bad for a rom-com that's slightly edgier.

Hiran P (mx) wrote: its just an average film...it could hav been a far better film....!

Paul D (it) wrote: A movie that somehow makes you feel good and depressed at the same time. Some of these people seem great, some seem so sad.

Patrick N (de) wrote: It came out definitely better than what I was expecting. I liked the mood a lot!

Li F (au) wrote: You lost me @Heather Graham...

Private U (jp) wrote: There was DEewar in 1980's and HAssil in 2000's..bollywood hasn't done nothing else..

Lesline D (jp) wrote: one of my favourite movies!

Jamie P (nl) wrote: This was a good role for Shannon Elizabeth. She was funny and didn't have to be just eye candy. She was a deep strong character and I was really surprised that this movie is getting such bad reviews

Graydon B (ag) wrote: Honestly a pretty good movie adaptation of one of my favorite TV shows of all time, MST3K! While the movie choice wasn't NEARLY as funny as the show usually covers, the riffs and story are good, and its still funny enough to worth recommending it.

Ken D (ru) wrote: Chris Farley it's pretty much the only good thing about this movie and saves it from becoming forgettable - Overrated in my opinion.

Guido M (mx) wrote: "Silly, messy but eventually funny, The Out-of-towners is a good comedy, but mostly good because of Steve Martin's charming performance"There are many movies who spoofes New York unsensitivity for ousiders, them being robbed, kidnapped or involved in the middle of a Mafia or something alike. The Out-of-towners is another who steps in that territory and with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin, I expected no more than a solid comedy with nothing golden to offer. Indeed, It was solid but not enough, at least I laughed.The core of the movie is Steve Martin, doing the role of a bad-tempered husband. He does it so well. His carreer in SNL definately shows up again in this movie, where he stills doing foully things.Goldie Hawn is one of the problem of this movies. Exagerates her role as a mother and wife that just looses his own kids, and probably she is leaning more for the romantic side of the movie, which terribly fails into decadent ambrosia.Even though the script is funny, it has some mistakes. The main aim to this movie gets burnt by this mistakes, showing fun but lack of an interesting plot.When Henry Clark (Steve Martin) gets fired from his job, he goes to New York followed by his wife, Nancy (Goldie Hawn). But their relationship and the trip itself will fall apart in disaster, all in one crazy night.So as I tell, this version of The Out-of-towners is pretty different to 1970's gem. But it is some popcorn fun, and if you are a Steve Martin fun, you will not be dissapointed.

Rick R (fr) wrote: Le Doulos (1962)Also known as Doulos: The Finger Man. This is another good Jean-Pierre Melville crime drama that I was able to watch on the Sundance Channel. This seems a lot more Film Noir than Bob le Flambeur, in my humble opinion with it's work in dark shadowy spaces with characters who you simply don't know to trust. And, let's not forget the wonderful femme fatales. :-)The film starts with Maurice Faugel (Serge Reggiani) walking through the rougher streets of Paris, freshly released from prison. He's got to get back into business, to make some money, but he also has some vengeance in mind.His friends keep warning him not to trust his other friend, Lilien (played by a very young Jean-Paul Belmondo), including his beautiful girlfriend, Therese (Monique Hennessy), but Maurice feels that he can trust him good enough, unless he's proven wrong. But, things don't look very good for Lilien when the break and enter job that Maurice and a partner are on, turns out to be a set-up.Both are in it pretty deep with the Police Superintendent Clain (Jean Desailly) who's out to get them anyway that he can, and is also trying to get anyone to rat on their criminal friends.My friend, groaningbitch, will get a good laugh about Lilien's love of asian fashion sense. His home is all decorated with asian nick nacks, and he has a girlfriend, Fabienne (Fabienne Dali) who even dresses in chinese-style silk dresses. ;-)All in all, Le Doulos is a very good movie and well worth a watch.

Jennifer K (jp) wrote: The Best & Saddest movie, have a box of Puffs close by