Just Follow Law

Just Follow Law

A freak accident causes a blue collar worker (Gurmit Singh) and his supervisor (Fann Wong) to swap souls.

A freak accident causes a blue collar worker (Singh) and his supervisor (Wong) to swap souls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (us) wrote: I wonder how many people even know where the title comes from.

Pratiyush J (kr) wrote: Liked the music, the shooting locales and the title. The movie sure had a couple of moments that brought a smile. Imran Khan looks good, but needs to act better. The story felt similar. 3/5. Can watch.

Tetsu F (nl) wrote: Um, I think there would be no one mind to have such a kid, even you hate kids!!! He is too cute...and the story is really a bit old school and predictable as usual...since it is a korean love movie...love between family...funny and relax movie...

Mark A (ag) wrote: This was a fun entertaining gem about the multitudinous of music and how everything is a capable canvas for art. At the same time, it's also a love story of one modern man's most ironic and unlikely transcendence. Makes you want to just tap your feet :)

Simone S (jp) wrote: I ususally love B rated zombie/horror movies...most of the time they are pretty entertaining...this wasn't even one, the title is a total lie. This one was so bad. The story sucked, the acting was some of the fakest I've ever seen...total waste of my time. There's an hour 1/2 I won't ever get back...

Patrick C (ru) wrote: Boring and pathetic filmmaking. I had to stop watching after 40mins it sucked too hard.

Susie R (us) wrote: Very moving film about the relationship between Mother & Daughter. Engaging characters, especially the old man & his dog.

Elgan D (de) wrote: An absurd comedy horror which is full of laboured cringe worthy gags and bad acting. Even with its obvious short comings though there are couple of jokes which are so ridiculous they succeed and there is enough lunacy to pass the runtime.

Gabriella P (us) wrote: Very funny, I hate to admit that because I told my parents that I knew I was going to hate it. Yes I judged it based on the cover and I was wrong... Okay?! :D

Ennis Brokeback L (de) wrote: This movie sucks in a way that few movies can. Poe needs to kick Jess Franco in his ghost balls for making this awful garbage.

Walter C (mx) wrote: The day WWII ends, a polish resistance fighter ends up killing the wrong guy. When the guy he is supposed to kill shows up at the hotel they are staying at, he's got to make a choice to finish the job or not. Great acting. Great script. Some of the shots in this movie are amazing (like a guy getting shot and his coat catching fire from the bullets going through it.) And the whole thing goes by so quickly that you swear that you've only been watching it a half hour by the time it ends.

Sausages M (ag) wrote: I think this is probably the best of Joan's 50s period, actually. She's very good here as the meek, scared, but resilient Millie. Despite the age gap between her and Cliff Robertson, because it's a plot point, it actually works. The direction, however, is a bit over the top and the noir-ish tone unnecessary. Also, whilst the portrayal of the descent into mental illness is accurate, the motivation seems a bit unlikely- especially for 1950s men who were a damn sight tougher than today's crop! In addition to this, the idea that someone could be get, suffer, and be cured of a serious mental illness (one supposes a bipolar breakdown) in the space of a year, obviously rather dates things- I suppose that came from the 'it's an illness like any other' period of medicine- as evidenced by the idea the electro-shock therapy could work or help 'turn people normal' when we know in all likelihood he would have come out a placid, drooling mess. Anyway, despite all this it's a good film where you care about the characters and Crawford really gives it her all.

Trevor W (jp) wrote: Another great Hitchcock film that is incredibly gripping and suspenseful. The acting is wonderful and the directing is seamless.

isaac b (fr) wrote: awesome so much better than the 2nd one why did this get 20 percent it deserves at least 60.