Just Imagine

Just Imagine

New York, 1980: airplanes have replaced cars, numbers have replaced names, pills have replaced food, government-arranged marriages have replaced love, and test tube babies have replaced ... well, you get the idea. Scientists revive a man struck by lightning in 1930; he is rechristened "Single O". He is befriended by J-21, who can't marry the girl of his dreams because he isn't "distinguished" enough -- until he is chosen for a 4-month expedition to Mars by a renegade scientist. The Mars J-21, his friend, and stowaway Single O visit is full of scantily clad women doing Busby Berkeley-style dance numbers and worshiping a fat middle-aged man.

New York, 1980: airplanes have replaced cars, numbers have replaced names, pills have replaced food, government-arranged marriages have replaced love, and test tube babies have replaced ...... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah H (br) wrote: It's William Shatner playing Santa and that's the only reason I watched it. Too bad Santa isn't really a main character and he doesn't talk a lot. I did like the main kid saying the entire point of telling the story was cuz they shot Santa down with a lazer and no one else does that. The songs were pretty lame but what do you expect right?

Joshua C (us) wrote: Lacking in the originality department. Still deserves credit for being a great movie and having a chillingly good ending.

Joseph H (kr) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Todd D (ag) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life. Why did they waste the time to put this on DVD??? Beware of the title "Betrayed by Passion" - it is the same movie, sold under a different title to fool the public. It is a piece of crap. ZERO stars.

Jonathan L (ca) wrote: The only thing that sucked about this one is that Lep didn't talk in his usual rhyme.

Grant T (ag) wrote: An odd story indeed. This one just barely passes for me. John travolta's performance was kind of hoaky. The plot didn't seem to know what it wanted to be. Also, max bracket's assistant is one if the most irritating characters in a movie that I've ever seen!

Adrian B (nl) wrote: A young nun (Silvia Pinal) goes to live with her uncle (Fernando Rey), who develops a sick love for her. Allegedly, he robs her of her virginity, screwing her as a nun. The nun refuses to comply with any further requests and in order to prove his seriousness for her, he hangs himself in a tree in the yard. As a result of his death, she takes in a whole bunch of hostile homeless people into the home, and the place becomes a scene of chaos. Strange, funny, odd, and compulsively peculiar movie adds to the list unique subject matters directed by Luis Bunuel. Very risky to bring in incest within a movie from the early 1960's, which definitely stupefied a few critics. Once again, another foreign language that was beautiful photographed in black-and-white, with nice set pieces to complement the images.

Andy C (ca) wrote: I am fortunate to have a university library that owns as many Criterion titles as it does. And while I'm at it I am fortunate that the Criterion Collection exists. The plot is easy to describe, but that's not really a review, so I'll just say it was greatly thought-provoking.

Arseniy V (ca) wrote: Solid stuff altogether. Including, unprecedentedly enough, the fights themselves. Should have seen it sooner.

James L (gb) wrote: Charming and honest film about loss. The ending takes a sudden turn that the scriptwriter should have reconsidered. But, given that she was also the director, that didn't happen.

Matthew C (ca) wrote: With more excitement and intrigue than the first installment, this sequel is often surprisingly enjoyable. I think a key reason for this could be that 'Monsters' doesn't have the annoying obligation to explain too much of this silly world with inane exposition. The movie does feature plenty of thematic and darkly comic material that feels ripped from the Harry Potter franchise (or any number of film series dealing with secret, fantastical worlds hidden within our own), but these moments are actually kind of refreshing when compared to the first film's rather mundane execution. The Cyclops kid was pretty interesting. There's some fun imagery too. If Monsters had a better climax with more finality and less setting up for the next installment, a compelling villain, and some better visual effects, I'd have enjoyed it exceedingly more. Without these elements, the film ultimately couldn't escape being just another run-of-the-mill, Young Adult fantasy adaptation.