Just Kids

Just Kids

Set in between two high schools, the students and teachers always fight and compete. They couldn't build the friendship among each other, so the teachers gather the students to play music. It's like a miracle when music can heal the conflict of the two high schools, and they finally endorse the friendship.

Set in between two high schools, the students and teachers always fight and compete. They couldn't build the friendship among each other, so the teachers gather the students to play music. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spike V (br) wrote: Beautiful animation, epic in its lines and dynamism. Good for taking the attention away from the fact that the plot and story development is pretty average when it comes to manga/anime tropes and narrative.Fun to watch, but I'm inclined to say everything but the animation is overhyped.

Eric W (ru) wrote: This film was very hard to finish. It was so bad that it was good. I mean this film was really bad. The actors should buy all the copies of this movie and burn them.

Joshua F (mx) wrote: could not understand a f***ing they said in this film.

Julian H (jp) wrote: Outstanding effort on so many levels.

Nikita S (fr) wrote: Best Animation Movie Ever, Very funny, Interesting, and great story. The quality of the movie is fantastic, One of my favorite Movies.. You SHOULD definitely watch this movie.

Andrew L (mx) wrote: Performances were well performed by Leung, Kaneshiro and Jinglei. Qi's character maybe cute but in a way embarrassing to watch in which I believe her character didn't even need to exist in the film. The movie is a bit of a drag but it was the 3 actors who made it into a good film with a simple story.

Priyanka L (fr) wrote: luved dis movie...awesome....

Anna N (gb) wrote: i love this movie for its simplicity. unfortunately, it wasn't really appreciated by polish audience. too bad, as it's an excellent movie, that should be shown in the movie theaters all over the world.

Satoshi C (it) wrote: The best love story I have seen so far. Stephen Dorf did a fantastic job in this film. He is my hero ever since.

Elusode B (fr) wrote: you need to see this

Cassandra M (ru) wrote: Made before Tommy Lee Jones became a big star it was quite obviously the inspiration for Pirates of the Caribbean. It was released in the UK under the title SAVAGE ISLANDS but in some places it was called NATE & HAYES. However, shame on Paramount for not exploiting it better. I know they had a lot riding on the not dissimilar Indiana Jones films but this is a cracking adventure and deserves better treatment (and why oh why has it not been seen on UK television for about 15 years?).

Paul D (nl) wrote: This movie was insane! It has it's funny parts, but I am amazed how someone didn't end up in jail over making this. Made with a high school student's budget, and has some of the worst line delivery I have ever seen, it yet somehow manages to capture your attention and

Private U (br) wrote: It never ceases to stun me to see James Cagney in this spectacular musical! And the music never leaves my head. =)

Josh P (nl) wrote: Another fun and heartwarming story for all to see and hear! I do not recall any continuity of this animated film being lost. The animation is delicate. However, some of the color mixtures were not surprising with the brief bear attacking sequence. The body of the predator seem really dark than little lighter. Most audiences would feel proud seeing how the characteristics of a husky or any breeds are in animation compared in real life. It may have them smile or smile and have a tear jerk down on their faces after seeing how courageous the tale was told about the sled dog that changed mankind throughout history.

Michael L (es) wrote: Worst picture of 1997, I hope.

Rees R (ru) wrote: a weird movie that I liked yey the first half was a bit messy and it wasn't the same as his shows but overall this a good way to pass time if your super bored .