Just Little Birds

Just Little Birds

Ten years old Alexis uses his bird-watching camera to spy on a woman sunbathing topless when his friend Julie suddenly walks in on him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:13 minutes
  • Release:2001
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  • Reference:Imdb
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Nisha K (br) wrote: This is the first time I watched a Tamil movie on the opening day. I'm glad I picked Vijay's comeback movie to do so. It was a great masala movie and would be perfect if it wasn't for the ridiculous villains. Vijay's part and the comedy and the story was awesome. Genelia shocks us with an unique role for us. Hansika is sorta wasted - used more for comedy than story development. I highly recommend this movie

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Josh L (es) wrote: Suspenseful, until the very end...

Karsh D (ca) wrote: Hilarious stuff. Poor, but hilarious!

Awi S (us) wrote: kudos to the filmmakers not to ridicule the subjects... guilt is just good marketing!

Roman D (gb) wrote: so banal, I quit in the middle

Mort P (ru) wrote: This is a great movie to take a nap by, if you can get past the scenes off violin-teaching and the abrupt departure of the leading man. Snooooooze! And by the way, the "crtics consensus" here hardly reflects the opinions expressed by your top reviewers.

Luke W (us) wrote: A well-made documentary, as per usual for Ken Burns, and the subject is a brilliant as the filmmaker. Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture is beautifully photographed and analyzed, and his personal life is interesting to a point, but we're here to see the work, and it is astounding.

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