Just One Night

Just One Night

A man (Timothy Hutton) spends the night before his wedding searching for his lost shoe with the help of an unhappily married woman (Maria Grazia Cucinotta).

Professor Isaac Balter, en route to his wedding, stops over in San Francisco for one night and falls in love with another beautiful woman, Aurora. In his twenty-four hour wild ride, he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John C (au) wrote: The Naomi character might as well been Mrs. Gordon Gecko. This movie shows that woman can be as manipulative and successful in the financial arena as men but take it too personal. Gunn was not the right actor for this role. (9-13-16)

John M (de) wrote: Somehow I had never seen this movie. What a fun little halloween romp

Jori P (it) wrote: Get in. Get out. Get even.

John S (ag) wrote: This is possibly John Travolta's finest performance! The best political comedy I have seen!

Barney o (kr) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: 'Trainspotting' really deserved to be the breakthrough that it was for Danny Boyle, as it takes the well-established style and black humour of his slightly inconsistent 'Shallow Grave' and puts it into a film that has a very strong narrative indeed. Yes it genuinely feels like he's honed and refined his vision here, and such the film is in a much better position to show off the dark laughs, the terrifying truths and the fresh, sickly reality of eveything its got to offer. In that regard, it really is a fresh take on protraying darkness, as we see everything through the cloudy, charmed eyes of our troubled lead, which engages you in what otherwise may be difficult - and crucially this time, keeps you there until the end. All that is helped enormously by great character writing and performances from Ewan McGregor and his supporting cast members, as well as an awesome soundtrack that keeps the flow and gives it all a bit more room to breathe. The payoff in the end is no longer a convoluted and over the top mess then; more so a well-concluded and meaningful, if thankfully still unpredictable tie-up.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Now his vision is so clear, I have to admit that some of the humour makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I suspect that's the idea.VERDICT: 'Trainspotting' is a film that's as strong in vision as it is in narrative, and that's what makes it such a huge success for director Danny Boyle.

John M (de) wrote: The couple swap. So this about a young woman in New York (Cher). She finds herself in a precarious position when she inexplicably falls for her fianc's brother (Nicolas Cage) while her soon-to-be husband is out of town. This was a movie I was familiar with in title only. I've seen it pop up on occasion, I recognize the cover, but I knew nothing about the subject matter. Being that it is on this 1,001 list, and also being that my friend needed to watch this to add commentary on a Nicolas Cage podcast (a concept that tickles me tremendously), it was now my time to watch 1987's Moonstruck. I don't want to call this the quintessential rom-com, because that honor goes to When Harry Met Sally, but I will say that if someone were to use the words "romantic" and "comedy" together, chances are that this is the movie that you're imagining in your head, regardless if you've seen it or not. Given that I had no prior knowledge of this film, I never knew how much My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a carbon copy of this. Seriously, it's shameless: you have ethnic stereotypes, a family that is filled with eccentricities, and it is focused on events surrounding a wedding. It's been quite a long time since I've watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but on paper, Moonstruck makes me like that film a whole lot less. Now I judge comedies on how much fun I have, and Moonstruck is a good one. It's super light and filled with stereotypes, but that is a part of its charm. For not really having an acting background, Cher does a really good job. Maybe not Oscar worthy good like is the case (winning over a Fatal Attraction Glenn Close? Pfft.). I liked the oddball chemistry between her and Cage, and speaking of Nicolas Cage, he is in classic unhinged form for the majority of this, and it is hilarious. He has one of the best "we're going to bed" lines of all time, and that ended up being my biggest takeaway from this. Now to touch upon my biggest problem with this, I do think this could have been cut down quite a bit; I found myself being much more interested in the core story between Cher and Cage, but this is an ensemble piece, so you get the entire family's story. I could have personally done with less of that, but that is just me, and I do realize that not everybody is going to feel that way. For what this is doing though, I think it's a good time.

Rajiv L (de) wrote: Prakash Mehra + Amitabh Bachchan = a great film.

Jessica H (it) wrote: A joy to watch with delightlful characters. A movie like this becomes ageless.