Just Wright

Just Wright

A physical therapist falls for the basketball player she is helping recover from a career-threatening injury.

The film revolves around Leslie Wright, a single physiotherapist and a big fan of basketball. She decides to become a doctor treating for Scott McKnight, star of the NBA All-Star team when he was injured in the match town. Evrything is all right until Leslie realizes that she has a crush on Scott, but he likes her best friend Leslie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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william s (nl) wrote: Lifetime made this movie a live tweeting event. What the hell were people tweeting.

Anil K (ca) wrote: A very poor man's Shawshank redemption. Acting is average at best. Story is laughable. Don't waste your time watching this!

Beth B (br) wrote: This movie really show what families truly go through with divorcee and the new step parent.

Dwain P (fr) wrote: Classic late-night cable smut!

Jack M (us) wrote: The great performance by Robert De Niro, the great and supporting cast, and the dark, sweet and great storyline with the cool dialogue makes this movie almost perfect, being Martin Scorseses masterpiece.

Tyler S (ru) wrote: I thought the movie did have some funny moments with Will Ferrell at the lead, but they were too far between.Kidman was delightful and sweet but it really felt forced throughout the film.never did anything feel genuine.I don't think the direction was in order, and I think that some of the talent was absolutely wasted.The film is about a struggling but well known actor (played scattered by Ferrell) who is staring in a reboot of bewtiched. The idea isn't bad and Michael Caine has a fun cameo, it just is too all over the place and way too forced to take it as an above average comedy.

john R (mx) wrote: I own this movie for blu ray I just love this film like his two best films are fritz the cat and heavy traffic I love the background I love this film ralph bakshi is like walt Disney for adult cartoons