Justa venganza

Justa venganza


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Justa venganza torrent reviews

Tim D (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this film and found myself quite drawn to it. Good story and acting and the end you just don't expect at all

Darrin S (au) wrote: We loved it and so did the children - funny, had a great story. Top marks

Greg S (nl) wrote: A village woman is forced to care for her invalid husband when the Emperor declares him a "Living War God" after he loses all four limbs and his ability to talk in the Second Sino-Japanese war. A bizarre premise sparks this intense drama about duty; it's minimally exploitative, but there IS plenty of caterpillar/wife sex.

Bette Y (de) wrote: Ugh!...I wish I had lived faster and died younger than I am now so I would never have seen this amateurish shlock.

Cori A (it) wrote: Whaaaaat? (November 14, 2010)

Ville L (it) wrote: two stars for goldberg,half for rest

Mark D (de) wrote: Oh my god what an awful film! I am usually such a big fan of Moodysson, adoring Tillsammans, Fucking Amal and Lilja 4 Ever and seeing the worth of A Hole in my Heart. This is just self-indulgent shite and some of the laziest writing I have had the misfortune to see for quite some time!

Skyler B (ru) wrote: They spend 10 minutes showing people shooting children. And the death moments are hilarious. Add to that Boll being capable of making fun of himself and... you've still got pure shit. But intentional shit.

Amanda D (gb) wrote: Guilty pleasure entertainment, except nothing else. It is quite effortless, like many other Don Bluth sequels.

Sajib K (mx) wrote: A funny look into the court yard of Louis XVI, just before the French Revolution where being ridiculed or making someone ridiculed was more important than listening to the problems of the common masses. But, one guy rose above the luxurious and ludicrous life and took actions for the general people, supported by his sweetheart. Fascinating. Laughing. Exceptional Performances.

bill b (jp) wrote: i must admit... i didnt enjoyed it...

Joel M (kr) wrote: 7/10: Very aptly titled in this tragic drama.Top notch performance by Eastwood again as an actor and director, with a beautiful African scenery and well written dialogue.

Paul P (jp) wrote: One of the best biopics i've seen and easily the most unconventional. This movie is so unbelievably fascinating. Just the story of Mishima's life would make for a solid film. But the way Schrader structures the movie is the real treat. And the Philip Glass score is ridiculous! If you fancy yourself a fan of film put this on your list!

Ethan P (au) wrote: A very dumb, but watchable revenge flick that is only kept afloat by its two very attractive leads. Also a very intimate love scene.

Maya T (gb) wrote: The best film i have ever seen and strongly recomend this to anyone especially teenage girls xxx