• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Justice torrent reviews

Ashley C (nl) wrote: I thought it would be better, but it's still a great movie.

Elli B (nl) wrote: With nearly a decade of hindsight, I've changed my opinion about this film. The movie disregarded a single factor: safety. Electric car batteries in their infancy were notoriously unsafe, as we now know. That GM pulled the cars off the market was, in my opinion, probably due to the fact that they were potential deathtraps. We now know that it has taken Tesla years to make the batteries less flammable and less prone to explosion due to impact. It's pretty clear that GM probably knew this and knew that the cars were catastrophes waiting to happen.

Christopher J (ca) wrote: The plot of this movie is so original and outrageous i think its a must see!

aretha s (ag) wrote: I love mystery!!! This the greats Olsen movie ever!

bill s (br) wrote: Surprising charm,wit and warmth this family romantic comedy just rolls steady with this fine cast.

A N (mx) wrote: Led by strong performances by Greenwood and Culp, Thirteen Days is an interesting and taught political drama, even if the final outcome is known to all (hint - we weren't all incinerated by mutual nuclear destruction). In addition to the Kennedy administration, the narrative covers the roles of both the military and US UN representatives in the crisis. I've always thought that the roles of military personnel in movies is clichd in the manner they always push for war, but seeing as this film depicts actual events (according to the source book) it turns out that that is actually the case. In fact, in this case the military chiefs repeatedly undermine JFK's restrained by not cancelling a planned atom bomb test or spy flights close to the Soviet Union. The script faithfully recreates actual speeches given by JFK during the crisis, 'not merely peace in our time but peace for all time' and both Greenwood and Culp accurately nail the Boston Irish accent of the Kennedy family. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the film's lead and producer, Kevin Costner. His accent veers from credible to laughable to non-existent during the film and his failings are only highlighted by his co-stars' performances.

Maranda F (ru) wrote: The cast was pretty good and had an interesting plot. However, the ending was horrible.

Rex N (ca) wrote: it's difficult to watch and a lot of it doesn't make sense, which is why I love it.

Daniel T (us) wrote: A lot of amateur moviegoers will not understand this film despite how simple it really is. This has nothing to do with its storyline, which is told non-linearly. It has to do with Egoyan's style as filmmaker. The film is Canadian and should be viewed as such. What's great about this film is the way the story unfolds. It takes its time, which is the way any mystery film should do. This gives the audience a chance to ponder, think critically, and come to their own conclusions. Egoyan's gives his audience a chance to feel frustrated for not understanding. He also gives them a chance to feel grateful for not understanding despite the fact all the clues to solving his mystery were laid out I front of them. To an extent, what we have here is Canadian noir.

Mark D (es) wrote: Was it me or was this more of a political statement? Didn't enjoy as much as 'village...' but still Watchable

John B (es) wrote: Oh dear I've wasted 90 mins of my life