Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

A heroic version of Lex Luthor from an alternate universe appears to recruit the Justice League to help save his Earth from the Crime Syndicate, an evil version of the League. What ensues is the ultimate battle of good versus evil in a war that threatens both planets and, through a devious plan launched by Batman's counterpart Owlman, puts the balance of all existence in peril.

Set in a parallel Earth ruled by the Crime Syndicate, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths follows Superman, Batman and the other heroes as they fight their evil counterparts in a battle that would be dead even, except that their malicious counterparts are willing to do the one thing Batman and Superman never would: kill. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths torrent reviews

Gordon B (jp) wrote: From South Korea we have an anthology of apocalypse stories than range from absurd, to ridiculous, to forgettable. Bottom Line there's just better stuff out there

Erin D (nl) wrote: so glad I watched this. almost makes me want to throw together a demo reel...

Dr F P (nl) wrote: Pleasantly surprised that the screenplay is written by the author of one of my favourite books!

Matthew P (mx) wrote: Jason Segal gives his best film performance in "Jeff Who Lives at Home". It is a funny and moving movie.

Peyton C (ru) wrote: Funny, sweet, and well acted. Russell Brand steals the show.

Edwina S (mx) wrote: it's alright. interesting concept, a couple of funny jokes.

kinuman93 (kr) wrote: i didn't care for this film. loved the denomic toys films. they were great. still love the puppet master films, but this movie was just not great

Patrick D (kr) wrote: best weird al show of ever of all time.

Sinjon A (es) wrote: Ferris Bueller's Day Off,Home Alone,The Breakfast Club,Sixteen Candles,Baby's Day Out,Dennis the Menace,Pretty in Pink and this one *_*John Hughes for president!!Typical John Hughes genre movie with some incredible soundtracks.

Angela W (kr) wrote: Clean, cute fun. I can watch this over and over again and still get a kick out of it.

Bob V (kr) wrote: The last of 8 costarring vehicles for Flynn (He could be in like Flynn with me, purrrrr) and De Havilland, and it could be this fact that makes their partings seem more poignant, but personally of all their collaborations I've seen, the acting in their scenes together has never been better. The movie itself is wildly inaccurate historically, but a history lesson is not really the point, and as long as a little lie here and there glorifies and already glorified American hero even further, then what's the harm? The harm is that we've seen it already, plenty of times, and on several occassion with the EXACT SAME ACTORS! So yah, movie good, acting good, but it's been done to death. But since I have both a soft and a hard spot for the charming leading man, I'll heartilly recommend it anyway.

Carlos S (br) wrote: #247 - Absolutely outstanding, night and day compared to the dribble so far. Steve McQueen is a pleasure to watch and throw in a great turn from Hoffman and you cant ask for much more just a shame i have to wait 98 more films to see McQueen in action again.