Justin Bieber: This Is My World

Justin Bieber: This Is My World

This profile takes you on the path to the Justin Bieber phenomenon and includes his performances of current hits including "Baby" and "One Time" to video of backstage footage, interviews with Bieber, Usher, and more.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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This profile takes you on the path to the Justin Bieber phenomenon and includes his performances of current hits including "Baby" and "One Time" to video of backstage footage, interviews with Bieber, Usher, and more. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Justin Bieber: This Is My World torrent reviews

Caroline W (au) wrote: It is too predictable and the actors look like they were reading off a card and there was no chemistry with the actors.

Daniel M (ca) wrote: Only con with this is I didn't c it in 3D-prob would've looked amazing in 3D!

Brian S (au) wrote: Another good example of a film that mixes gory horror with stupid humor. The Cabin in the Woods in a clever and entertaining movie, the characters ar all well written and likeable. If you can ignore the cartoonish effects, especially during the last 20 minutes where everything just becomes a chaotic gore fest, this is one y'all should enjoy, and also reminds me of other good horror movies like "The Evil Dead" or "Cabin Fever". Recommended !!

Dawn C (es) wrote: If you've ever worked in an office setting....YOU KNOW! This movie couldn't be more perfect, there is someone exactly like every single one of these characters and it is miserable...unless you're Lumberg-then you're probably oblivious. I felt like I was living this movie every day for 14 years at my last job...I was a mix of Peter/Milton.

Arne F (ag) wrote: Flott westernepos med fokus p Calamity Jane.Gode prestasjonar av Anjelica Huston og Melanie Griffith spesielt. To og ein halv time med flott filming og ei historie som er vel verd f med seg. Dette er ogs basert p historiske personar og hendingar !

Jason R (it) wrote: supposedly filmed in Dundas, ON, so want to see for that alone.

Sarah P (br) wrote: I give it 1 star and that's only for the beautiful 80's campiness shown throughout this movie.

Lee Anne W (gb) wrote: Everything you want in a 1975 movie. Gene Hackman (45 here, but at least 10 years older in maturity and world-weariness) is a private detective married to Susan Clark (Webster's "mom"). When he's hired by an aging second-rate actress to find her 16 year-old daughter (Melanie Griffith, who is actually 18 here, but that doesn't make her flashes of nudity make you feel any less pervy), he travels to Florida and of course gets more than he bargained for. A fabulously moody piece of classic seventies style, full of cool cars and half-exposed, natural titties.

Chris H (it) wrote: very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul D (de) wrote: A gritty prelude to the 70's cop thrillers that epitomised the gritty social side of Hollywood filmmaking of that decade.

W i (de) wrote: PG Wodehouse is the BEST comedic writer I have ever come accross

Levi H (nl) wrote: Love the action scenes! Amazing.

Mloy X (ag) wrote: Stanley (Hugh Jackman): And you are? Ginger (Halle Berry): I'm Ginger. Stanley (Hugh Jackman): Where's Gilligan?I had one reason for watching this film and that was a fairly youngish looking Hugh Jackman (so hawt!) but even his eye-candy good looks couldn't save this film from beign such a bore. Add to that, even Halle Berry spending practically the entire film either half dressed or mostly naked wasn't enough to make this film even marginally tolerable. Also, why is it every time John Travolta plays a bad guy, he plays it kind of "gay", seemingly a bit more effeminate than his villainous role needs to be. Although the best thing about this film, the sole silver lining was Don Cheadle-- he, as he always is, was simply brilliant! They should have given his a bigger piece of the pie. The premise was alright, it's a promised to be some kind of "high-tech" centric flick but it proved to be not... not by a long shot and I have to admit watching Hugh Jackman typing was laughably, if not unintentionally, funny. Overall, this film was a dismal "meh".... as in, I don't why I even bothered....there goes an hour and half of my life I'll never get back.