Picking up a few months after the end of the TV drama series "Juvana", Daim is freed from the juvenile centre after being found not guilty of murdering his mother. He tries to lead a normal life in the outside world, but finds that it is vastly different from life in juvenile prison. Daim begins to attend high school in hopes of finishing his SPM. He also finds a job at the brick factory to support himself. However, in school, he is bullied by the other students and does not have any friends besides Sara. Further, the school guard who knows about his status as an ex-juvenile convict is always watching him. Everything that goes wrong in school is blamed on Daim as well...

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Juvana torrent reviews

Gimly M (au) wrote: "This is the path the horror fan must walk, this the path I have chosen.The path of watching a lot of not very good movies."A Night in the Woods doesn't just hit every cliche in the found footage genre, it does them bad too, like, really bad. Then, get ready to top it all off with: Absolutely no payoff whatsoever! Hurray!God I'm sick of found footage horror.

WS W (au) wrote: Korean one is better.

Josh B (es) wrote: Poor character development really just lead me into not caring about why they were doing what they were doing. Which, really was that interesting anyway.

ChinYing Y (us) wrote: The production has its problem. I bet the original is not that bad....

Aaron P (us) wrote: One of the best aussie drama movies I have seen in a very long time. I have never read the book, I went into this movie knowing one of my all time fav singers was the leading lady, it was an aussie movie, reviews I read in the media and interviews about the movie. The story in this movie is so powerful and moving. Making you feel for the characters effect. Awesome cast performance especially from Natalie Imbruglia and the two little girls *I dont know the names* just make it that extra special. So if you want to see a great movie that is not the same old drama mainstream. Go and see this one ITS A MUST! Oh and to some who think Australian movies like this are arty farty...This one will prove you wrong :P

Gina F (de) wrote: 2nd half redeemed itself. Overall, not so grand.

LordBishop34 (mx) wrote: Caught this on fearnet ondemand (highly recommend that service btw) Entertanin Psychological Thriller, with a nice twist at the end that doesn't come out of no where. Kelly Overton and James haven both turn in good performances.

Ellasha F (kr) wrote: Really good movie, I enjoyed it!

Buddy N (br) wrote: One of the better offering from Full Moon. These days we have glittery emo vampires infesting the cinema. This movie is thankfully in no way for the twilight crowd. The main vampire of the film, Radu makes no bones about what he is and enjoys it. This series really benefited from shooting in Romania. It adds to the overall feel of these films. These are characters you can be emotionally invested in without feeling you just witnessed a bullet for my valentine video. Check this series out as it has writing that is way better what a b series should get and that's a good thing.

David F (kr) wrote: Intriguing film tracks the convergence of the paths of two lovers from very different backgrounds over the course of several generations, one a rich little daddy's girl and the other a criminal who aspires to be a great film-maker. Lelouch spins an engaging tale ranging from the turn of the 20th century to the near future (though this strange sequence, restored on DVD, was rightly removed from the theatrical version - the tone is quite different and detached from the rest of the film - it plays like it was lifted from 'Logan's Run'). On the whole though, the innovative camerawork and unconventional storytelling keep it interesting.

Ben L (kr) wrote: I can't offer an effective review of Viridiana. It was fairly easy to recognize about halfway through that this was not going to be a film for me. There was no point to the narrative, instead it's pretty clear that the writer/director was attempting to send a message rather than tell a story. Viridiana is quite depressing as it focuses on a young nun who does her best to be obedient and loving in everything she does, but is taken advantage of by basically every single character in the film. It mocks and belittles religion, it seems to relish in incest, and it has a strange fascination with women's legs that doesn't seem to go anywhere. This is clearly an "art" piece that movie critics and enthusiasts will love examining and exploring to find the many symbolic pieces, which is not my idea of fun. I can't say this is a bad movie, that would be totally unfair, I'll simply say I didn't enjoy watching it at all.

Fernando C (kr) wrote: the cast is terrific, and some of the songs are really good and sticky, but I think this is one of those stories that are better as a play. not as a movie.