Juventude e Ternura

Juventude e Ternura


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Juventude e Ternura torrent reviews

James L (gb) wrote: Crap! Lo budget film. Hard to comprehend, bad sound, poor acting, inexplicable plot. Don 't waste time or money watching it.

Stuart K (kr) wrote: Daft but fun bloke's movie containing enough gore for a Saturday night beer fest! tries to be the new Shaun of the Dead but although doesn't come close is still good fun especially Noel Clarke who steals every scene he's in

Baron V (mx) wrote: One of the most enjoyable movies I have ever seen. Yes, I grew up watching Bruce Lee movies in China Town-San Francisco, but if you didn't, no matter. This film is enjoyable for all level of martial artist/comedy movie goers. R. Madhesh & Stephen Chow seem to achieve the impossible. Weave a traditional love story with a gang movie, pair it with a musical, consummate it with mystical martial arts, carry it full term with comedy/slapstick, then deliver the love child that is Kung Fu Hustle. So many scenes are scene-stealing worthy. Any scene with the Land Lady is my favorite.Must see!PS...do not, I repeat, do NOT watch the English dubbed version (this applies to every movie ever made), treat yourself to a fine subtitled journey. I've watched both and the dubbed version loses almost all of the movie's charm.Give this film a whirl!

John B (mx) wrote: Feels like most of the gags flattens the plot throughout most of the running time and could use a little more focus on plot.

Javi C (it) wrote: aqui va a haber hondonadas de ostias xD

felipe m (gb) wrote: "Olha eu sou um cara mau pra kct... matei a me e ainda atirei na filha e deixei ela retardada...ouhhaaaaaha". A de repente vemos essa mesma pessoa vestida de palhao tentando animar a garota acorrentada na cama, porque "ela no ri". No rolou como filme.

Dylan W (fr) wrote: Wow, what a weird movie. This is a basically a toned down version of a Bronson movie. It pre-dates In the Line of Fire, in which Eastwood basically plays the same character. It is better than it's imitator. It also really reminds me of the Clinton presidency. Sadly (and a Bronson fan), it is really toothless. Bronson is still super tough and Jill Ireland is still a total freakazoid (her acting style). But the story itself isn't weird enough. Bronson has a really weird sexual relationship with a co-secret service agent and he manages to give the shitty script a boost. The soundtrack also kind of tanks this movie. It isn't bad (one guy on a Casio) but the music itself doesn't fit well with the film. Jill Ireland's hair is a real bright spot in this film.

David G (gb) wrote: it would take Where the Wild things Are to finally understand the child psyche.

Maxx D (it) wrote: Super predictable average comedy movie with a few laughs but not a lot of substance. Not as bad as some comedies I've watched but I wouldn't be in a hurry to watch it again ever.

Oj H (nl) wrote: classic late 90's nostalgia of mine

Hellgirl I (de) wrote: I watched this Thai(at least i think it's Thai)movie and it started pretty good !But then when you discover that is a movie been filmed ,like a movie inside a movie thing, this flick went down the hills.I hated the conclusion!!