Jwar Bhata

Jwar Bhata

Widowed and wealthy Durgadas Prasad is the sole owner of Shriman Mills. He has one son, who falls in love with a woman from a poor family. This disappoints Durgadas and he asks his son to ...

Widowed and wealthy Durgadas Prasad is the sole owner of Shriman Mills. He has one son, who falls in love with a woman from a poor family. This disappoints Durgadas and he asks his son to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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BuddhaHeritage U (it) wrote: 2 letters written by Mahatma Gandhi to Adolf Hitler in 1940 to prevent WWII. 1hrs.52mins. long

Netanya S (ru) wrote: A really unnerving and tender film. I think it's wrongly described as merely a story of young love, it is sincerely jarring considering the current state of the world. There is a sensitivity to this film, it's beautifully directed, hats of to the DOP.

Glenn R (br) wrote: That was fun. The mockumentary side of things was a bit lame but the footage shown from the killer's tapes were terrifying as hell. Felt really uncomfortable at times with footage. The freeze frame of Cheryl Dempsey at the end of the film was so haunting. The pain and traumatising daze she was in will stay with me. Not the perfect film but it was scary where it mattered.

Lyric B (ag) wrote: As if the first one wasn't horrible enough.

Dan B (jp) wrote: A pretty nice story about an immigrant family moving to New York city. It's just showing how this family gets use to living in a crap neighbor hood of NYC and making the best of it. I felt some of the characters were a bit annoying expectably the kids. The film moves very fast but at times I felt it dragged with somethings and just got a little boring. The dad was great, his character was really the only one I really liked. Always trying to support everyone and such. The performances were great, even from the kids. It's a nice story but I feel like it was missing something yet the ending was very nice.

Robert I (ca) wrote: Rubbish! Although, the movie I saw only said it was Iron Monkey II. I don't remember Donnie Yen being in there...

Robert I (au) wrote: The movie isn't too good, but the DVD is fantastic. Buy! Buy!

Matt R (mx) wrote: A well-acted AIDs drama and a rousing courtroom procedural.

Freddie Fresh (it) wrote: Cause when you take that bus You get there....Think about it.

Greg W (au) wrote: Uneven, loopy cult favorite.

Terence (ca) wrote: The Idaho Transfer (1974): ok so even though this is directed by Peter Fonda that doesnt mean its bad or full of druggy nonsense. the story concerns a group of science students who found a way to time travel and return home whenever they want. they find that in the future mankind is extinct and they set out to search the rest of the world only to find that the survivors are brain dead cavemen. believe it or not this is actually really good. the visuals are amazing. i think they were all shot in a national park. with the exception of Keith Carradine the actors are all off the street no names which considering they are very good actually. the main actress Kelly Bonahon has to be the hottest chick to ever grace the screen. no she isnt your usual big boobed sultry type but theres just something about her.oddly enough she only did this and one other film and apparently dissappeared since you can find nothing on her anywhere.

Michael J (us) wrote: I love French cinema, I love France, I really love The French. I did watch with an open mind. But this is just a piece of tripe. The dialogue was childish, the acting high school, and the directing was student YouTube quality. But, one has to wait for the absolutely hysterically funny death scene ending. It was so poorly actied and directed, I was bellied over sideways laughing so hard. Please, you have to watch this movie just to kill the myth that this is a classic. The more people who see it, the more the myth will disappear.

Jaidyn P (ca) wrote: Massive disappointment! I am the biggest fan you'll find of the TV Show, but this movie is bad, I was so disappointed by it, seeing how amazing the TV show is.

Ramaan L (br) wrote: Such a good movie! Why the bad revieuws!

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: 83%Saw this on 4/6/15This is a highly implausible and improbable thriller that wants people to believe that one man, just one man can alone try and nearly achieve a successful assassination attempt on the president of USA without any help from anyone else. However, the entire procedure is elevated by engaging performances from Eastwood and Malkovich and also by a well handled direction from Petersen. The visual effects are mostly bad and unrealistic and the film released just 2 years after the iconic hit JFK(1991) itself has a conspiracy around it, perhaps to save someone's face. The film also draws a lot from a similar film called The Bodyguard(1992).