K-19: The Widowmaker

K-19: The Widowmaker

When Russia's first nuclear submarine malfunctions on its maiden voyage, the crew must race to save the ship and prevent a nuclear disaster.

It is about a real-life historical event in the past. Captain Alexi Vostrikov, a Russian naval officer, leads the first nuclear submarine- K-19 . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amber B (br) wrote: Funny parts, extremely predictable "you don't know what you got till it's gone" story.

Jason P (kr) wrote: Written and presented by Kim Ki-Duk...

Hobie P (br) wrote: Ive about had enough of these crappy sequels to a terrible movie.

Jesse K (br) wrote: Very hard to watch at times yet still darkly compelling. The story isn't always straightforward but putting the pieces together can make it all the more terrifying.

Mike M (us) wrote: Greg Giraldo is best known as one of the many panelists for the Comedy Central roasts. For the past seven years, he has roasted everyone from Chevy Chase to Pamela Anderson in scathing five-minute onslaughts of insults. Now, Comedy Central has released his first solo stand-up show, the 67-minute DVD special Midlife Vices. Midlife Vices may be premature celebration. While there seems no doubt he is hitting middle age, he doesn't seem ready for his own solo performance. While sharp and cuttingly quick as a panelist in short, premeditated attacks, he seems to wander errantly when left to fill the time for an hour. He switches from topic to topic with little transition, and at times breaks down into what seems like nervous babbling. He even stops near the end to point out someone sleeping through his show in the third row. Why he chose to bring this to everyone's attention is beyond comprehension. He attempts to treat the incident the way a more seasoned comedian would return fire against a heckler, but fails to earn many laughs. The sleeping patron barely cracks a confused smile. There are a few bright points to his routine. Highlights include a tangent about choosing the right marsupial sex partner and... well, that's pretty much his funniest routine. He spends too long on subjects comedians exhausted 20 years ago, such as hotel rooms and air travel, and even uses several routines that have been part of other stand-up specials. How many comedians have wondered why maids ignore the ?Do Not Disturb? sign on a hotel room? The answer is too many. The costume and set design choices for his special seemed poorly considered as well. Standing in front of a black background with dark blue curtains, he wore black with dark blue pants. At times, it almost seemed like his head and arms became disembodied. The DVD, available October 20, 2009, contains bonus material including a TV pilot called Adult Content with Greg Giraldo from 2007 and a shorter Comedy Central stand-up special.

Kym c my community profile R (es) wrote: Ok this was Reign of fire light.. at least in a little nice town in Alaska. It was made for tv so I?m guessing a sci-fi channel move but oddly enough it didn?t piss me off like most of them do. (I usually change the station or fall asleep) The Dragon (er Wyvern in it looks quite good. A differently shaped head than most dragons you see but it at least looked like a dragon (compared with some of the other CRAP that has been shown as one in sci-fi channel movies. I could draw a better dragon if you maybe give me a day!! & some pictures to look at & I can?t draw for my life) one of the older gentleman in the movie mentioned a folktale that the Wyvern basically was imprisoned by Odin the Norse God of Valhalla. That when he & hi father would be fishing you could hear ?The howl of the ice Glaciers falling? & his dad would say ?that?s the Wyvern escaping?. Ah well being basically a daytime non ash version of Reign of Fire I?ll give it a C

Jenn T (mx) wrote: Interesting documentary.

Rino O (de) wrote: Sweet Stoner Movie...all ma Stoner Friends watch dis fckin movie...:D

Coxxie M (de) wrote: let me explain the phenomenal acting of Lou Pucci for you: someone makes you sell pills to pay your rent, you act like you are 10 years old acting mad. someone tries to have sex with you, you act nervous. dominatrix tries to whip you, you act nervous AND scared. (curveball!) in conclusion, where is this mans ACADEMY AWARD?! where is it??

Jessica H (mx) wrote: The reasoning for making another film is illogical and the person responsible for putting this cast together needs a brain scan.

Ethan B (fr) wrote: 2002's Barbershop didn't necessarily reinvent the wheel of comedy, but it's something quite unique. Hearkening back to Ice Cube's 1995 hit, Friday, the film tries to make use of the non-story. Instead, thriving on its characters and slow plot exposition.In Barbershop 2, they try to duplicate the first one, but doesn't quite work as well--albeit almost. Whereas the writers, in the first Barbershop, seem to be on their own level, making their own rules, Barbershop 2 seems to channel a little too much Tyler Perry. It's a slightly more predictable and silly and transparent, and tries to please the audience too much. An exception is the return of Cedric the Entertainer as the old man barber, Eddie, who never cuts hair, but will tell you every last thing that's on his mind. He's still got the edgy dialogue that would make today's PC crowd shiver in their organic Uggs.In Barbershop 2, Calvin (Ice Cube) learns of a Supercuts-esque barbershop opening up across the street. The word around town is buzzing because this place is supposed to be like the country club of barbershops. Eventually, he finds out that the whole community is getting a facelift, which forces out all of the businesses who have worked hard establishing themselves as mainstays for the neighborhood.The pacing is about the same, but feels much slower--mostly due to the reduction of sub-stories and B-plots. There are so many different characters, but each one's significance is lessened in order to better focus on the premise.Both films are about integrity and doing the right thing, but this one just says it a bit differently.It's funny, because as the film tries so hard to be deeper, the characters become less so. They're all just as likable, but the dynamics just aren't as strong.As a stand alone film, Barbershop 2 isn't bad at all. In fact, it's quite enjoyable. The jokes won't really leave you rolling in the aisles, but there is plenty of smile-worthy dialogue. The content means well and provides us with the similar warmth that the first one gives us. A little less cool, Barbershop 2 can pride itself on at least giving us another taste of what made the first one so special without tarnishing anything.Twizard Rating: 74

MF J (ca) wrote: Awesome teenage drama flick, this film is like being inside the troubled mind of a teenage rebellious girl. Well directed, very well acted buy two awesome young actresses, this film is just from above the general level of all the stupid teenage flicks we get to watch usually. This one is a slap in the face. correct.

Brandon W (nl) wrote: Waking Life is quite an experiment by Richard Linklater that is a success. The conversations the characters talk about like dreams, human life, human evolution, human past, and many others are really interesting that is pretty much the whole movie. The animation looks extremely gorgeous and interesting to look at as the movie tries different ways of the animation which I've never seen that before and I know that it's hard to have the same creativity while making it different, but they did a great job on it. The acting is great in this and so is the writing. The conversations the characters talk about gives you a bit of perspective of what the character is like which rarely happens and more or less just shows you in most of the films. It never felt like they're talking out of their rear ends as they are connected to the film. People would say that it's very boring which I can see that as when it's getting close to the end, I was getting a bit bored and was waiting for it to end, but you would probably never get one of those experiences like Waking Life that tries to be different in terms of creative style and also make the boring topics, for most people as I know that there's some people that find these topics interesting in its own thing, quite investing.

Laurie S (mx) wrote: i thought this movie was brilliant. lots of fun.

Hannah D (kr) wrote: why sean astin, whhhhy?

Victor R (gb) wrote: A wonderful movie with guaranted fun. Tom Hanks's greatest performance and one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Daniel L (ag) wrote: An explosive thriller.

Rich F (it) wrote: Not dated at all and still a good watch

Christopher S (it) wrote: Is really only a two or two and a half stars, but it has Cindy Lauper and a Cindy Lauper credits track, which bumped it up.There are a ridiculous number of decent actors in this film. Peter Falk, for Falk's sake (or for Peter's sake, if you prefer the clean version.)

Brett S (us) wrote: So simple, so natural (if not a little too snappy), so real, Yet totally out of this world romantic.