A policeman and a female scientist team up to recover her latest creation, a cybernetic, crime-fighting dog.

A policeman and a female scientist team up to recover her latest creation, a cybernetic, crime-fighting dog. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Baris O (de) wrote: This Spider man film should be good when I finally watch it.

David S (nl) wrote: Drama/Thriller francess.... comedia? pues no estaba catalogada pero si tiene sus momentos chistosones!... te mantiene a la espectativa como buen thriller por ver que pasarara, quien fue el culpablee y adonde llevara todo lo que has visto hasta el momento!! muy entretenida y la actuacion de Dominique Pinon (Alien4, Amelie, City of Lost Children) es muuy bueena y lleva toda la trama encima! :DVEALA EN CINE!! las movies francesas son para verse en cine con todo y mal sonido y/o desenfoque de la iamgen por parte del cacaro malhecho :)

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Much weaker than the original, but just entertaining enough not to be a total waste. Some horrible music though.

Ken S (ca) wrote: John Carpenter directed THIS? This Chevy Chase semi-comedy is pretty bad. It doesn't really decide whether it is a comedy or something else. Chase gives his usual mediocrity of this period in his career, and the film just falls flat at every angle. It isn't funny, except for Chase shouting "I WANT MY MOLECULES BACK!", and the movie fails to impress or do anything new with the concept of an Invisible Man. Near the bottom of John Carpenter's films, he seemed to have lost the touch that did so much for him through the 70s and 80s.

Greg W (it) wrote: good almost doc like quality i never knew this place existed

Norm d (ru) wrote: Clever take on coming of age a bit late ... for a young man hooked on a young woman who's "there" but just not quite enough in spite of how things seem. Great opener from the author about the movie being a work of fiction, etc!! Deschanel is always watchable and nicely cast. One wonders if she wouldn't have been part of a good pairing for "La La Land" with her retro band background. Maybe next time ... :)

Brian S (es) wrote: An OK Satanic flick about a demon chained up by Nazis in an underground bunker in the Channel Islands during WWII. A couple of commandos from New Zealand find the place and try to literally stop hell from breaking loose. Lots of gore strewn liberally about, not the worst (nor the best) demon you've ever seen in a horror flick, pretty good performances by the three main actors. Nothing new, nothing terrible, nothing outstanding. Worth a watch if you like Nazi occultism-themed horror flicks.

Veronica G (kr) wrote: Didn't even finish the movie!