K3 Dierenhotel

K3 Dierenhotel

K3 visits an animal hotel

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Ramond W (es) wrote: This may very well be the worst movie I've ever seen. If I knew that Selzerberg was behind this, I never would have even given it a chance.

Brian F (kr) wrote: There is no Closed Caption then not fair because I am deaf.

Kaelin O (nl) wrote: The relationship between Nick Stahl and the young girl is very moving. Well acted.

Carly G (es) wrote: Poor cinematography, although I loved the dreary quality and color tones.

Michael K (ca) wrote: I love the sequel even more than the first one, Kevin's adventure in NY is twice the fun of the first film...

Kimmer S (it) wrote: I cannot find this film on region one DVD. If you know where I can get it, pop me a message please.

jay n (jp) wrote: Average TV movie that without Hepburn's presence would be forgotten.

Ashley T (jp) wrote: This final installment of the Airport franchise is just plain unfortunate.

Elina B (au) wrote: Shows a very different Sisi than the Sissi-films. Helmut Berger is fantastic as the Mrchenknig.

Tom H (jp) wrote: Decent Drama about a family in turmoil because of the mother returning after years absent.

Ryan V (fr) wrote: The Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr.) and Dracula (John Carradine) desperately seek cures for their respective disorders from a noble scientist (Onslow Stevens). Things predictably take a turn towards the worse as soon as the Count reverts to type and our protagonist stumbles across the remains of the Frankenstein monster (Glenn Strange). House Of Dracula scores points for its then-novel approach to curing monsterism with science, but its main asset is Onslow Stevens' absorbing (and, I admit, campy) performance in the lead. This movie is probably skippable for anyone who isn't a horror movie junkie, but I was able to overlook its flaws and have fun with it.

Collin P (nl) wrote: A funny, revenge flick that benefits mostly from Eddie Murphy's lead.

Darrin C (us) wrote: Silly and really reaching to be funny at times, but provides some comical laughs often at a good-natured racial expense, making fun of itself as well as our society and cultural flaws.

Alex F (nl) wrote: Wayne's World is truly hilarious, with clever jokes, neat performances and great writing, a movie full of iconic quotes and hilarious scenes, sometimes it may come over the top, but that's part of its charm and unique style.