Suraj has been a slacker all his adult life. He hates any kind of work - rather it's paying or volunteer. One day he gate-crashes a wedding ceremony and finds out that the groom is to live with his In-laws. To his delight, he finds out that the bride has an unmarried sister. And so Suraj starts to woo the unmarried sister, Geeta. Slowly Geeta falls in love with Suraj, and with the approval of her wealthy dad, Rai Bahadur Chunilal Sanghvi, both get married. Suraj now looks forward to an easy life at his In-laws, but that is not to be so, for Geeta wants to move out. Suraj goes along with Geeta, but then starts showing his true colors, and openly demands a share in his wealthy father-in-law's estate, even if it means taking the family to court.

Suraj has been a slacker all his adult life. He hates any kind of work - rather it's paying or volunteer. One day he gate-crashes a wedding ceremony and finds out that the groom is to live ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Griffin M (ru) wrote: It really didn't need to be found-footage at all and the person who films ALL this shit is barely ever acknowledged, but even so, "The Dirties" feels more real than any other "found-footage" or school shooting movie I've ever seen. Basically feels like you're watching home video footage of the Columbine kids during the lead-up to their killing spree.

Alex O (us) wrote: lol so unpopular on RT. childhood memories

ToniMarie C (ag) wrote: was one of my favourites when I was about 15 I wanted to be Jennie Loved the music

Pablo G (es) wrote: 3.7/5A weird and unsettling experience that is still shocking even in todays time thanks to great visuals and insane acting that help to sell the nightmerish ambience it puts the viewer through.

Kerry C (de) wrote: I would love to see this movie in its' entirety!

Gary M (us) wrote: Just had to endure the travesty that is Meet Dave. How it got 4 stars on Apple TV I don't know. Terrible, just terrible, like a high school panto.

Thomas D (ru) wrote: It's difficult for a particular franchise of films to live on for an extended period of time, let alone a long TV series and 4 feature films. With uninspired direction and a gradually silly film, It seems that after 15 years, this iteration of the Enterprise crew just ran out of gas. Though 'Insurrection' did well at further developing the crew of the Enterprise, 'Nemesis' puts a heavy focus on its villain. This time played by newcomer (at the time) Tom Hardy. Hardy plays Shinzon, a mysterious character hell-bent on completing his Romulan mission with a background linked to Captain Picard himself. Although the dialogue isn't always the best, Hardy shows just how good of an actor he would become, especially up against someone as revered as Patrick Stewart.Director Stuart Baird supposedly had never seen an episode of The Next Generation, and the way he handled the direction and tone of this film definitely showed that lack of knowledge. I think his attempt at creating a story that felt very different from what came before is admirable, but too much liberties taken and you may have some upset fans.This also comes into play when you think about the strange inclusion of a brother to Data, and Shinzon being a clone of Picard. I didn't find either of those two story lines compelling, nor did it really bring anything new to that approach of storytelling. It's only when I watched the actors bring much more out of the dialogue that I realized there could have been something great here.If for anything else, Shinzon is an extremely active villain and Hardy doesn't waste the extra screen time, though I was a bit turned off by a unique communication device he uses early on in the film, seriously it's just uncomfortable (and not Star Trek at all) for the wrong reasons. With diminished screen time for the Enterprise crew, they barely leave the bridge, except for one out of place Mad Max style desert sequence. Nemesis is just one of those Star Trek films I can't seem to figure out. I can tell the franchise fatigue seemed to set in, but there's still plenty of good with the performances of the crew and the newcomer Tom Hardy.+Hardy showed promise+Picard and Data's performances-But their strange subplots were unnecessary-Director/writers uncomfortable plot choices5.4/10