Kaanch Ki Deewar

Kaanch Ki Deewar

Bhoop Singh is a honest man who works for Lakhsmi Singh, and lives with his wife, Devi, and sister, Sundari. He saves his hard-earned money with Lakhsmi, and when the time comes for Sundari's marriage & dowry, he goes to take his money, only to be humiliated by Lakhsmi. Sundari's marriage gets canceled, she kills herself, and Bhoop in turn kills Lakhsmi, subsequently takes to a life of crime, amasses a huge fortune, gives birth to a daughter, Nisha, and ends up in jail after double-crossing his partner-in-crime, Vikram Singh. He instructs his wife to bring up Nisha, as a widow. In prison, Bhoop meets with a honest man, Jaswant Singh, who has come to the city to look for his estranged brother. Bhoop asks Jaswant to look after his wife and daughter - not realizing that he may have made another mistake as Jaswant has an alias - that of bandit Dhurjan Singh, and is also the brother of Vikram Singh.

Bhoop Singh is a honest man who works for Lakhsmi Singh, and lives with his wife, Devi, and sister, Sundari. He saves his hard-earned money with Lakhsmi, and when the time comes for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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