Kab? Kyoon? Aur Kahan?

Kab? Kyoon? Aur Kahan?

Dharmendra plays a suave CID Officer who romances Babita on board a ship and slowly we get to the plot which involves Babita's dad who dies under mysterious circumstances leaving behind a huge " property" and an evil looking uncle Pran who is after it and her.. Nothing is as it seems as the sinister plot unfolds and our innocent heroine is under threat of losing her sanity and perhaps her life.. Unless of course the hero manages to unravel the plot and save them all..It involves the mystery of dead body in a coffin and things that go bump in the night.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Dharmendra plays a suave CID Officer who romances Babita on board a ship and slowly we get to the plot which involves Babita's dad who dies under mysterious circumstances leaving behind a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kab? Kyoon? Aur Kahan? torrent reviews

Nicole G (es) wrote: Its a B movie, but not a bad one, of course loved that Thea Gill was in it.....

Arslan K (ca) wrote: Very smart! Loved it! Capaldi was the best!

Jeff B (fr) wrote: The Moby-like main character and Juliette Lewis' annoying voice only added to the pain of watching this prententious crap.

Frank J (es) wrote: Dfinitivement le meilleur film de la semaine, aucun doute l-dessus. Venus allie audacieusement les caractristiques majeures de Harold et Maude et Manhattan, ce qui en fait une oeuvre incroyablement tordante (je ne peux compter le nombre de fois o j'ai clat de rire devant l'absurdit de l'humour brittish, le meilleur humour du monde selon moi (dieu que l'humour franais est chier)) mais galement trs puissante et trs dramatique. Michell, tout comme Allen, aborde un sujet trs dur, trs controvers, mais le manipule avec tant d'aisance qu'il en devient tout simplement naturel et loufoque. Mais le drame est toujours l, voil derrire chaque scne, et il n'attend l'acte final que pour bondir sur le devant de la scne pour crier: ''Je vous avais averti que je viendrais!'' Et a donne froid dans le dos parce qu'on sourit encore...

Richard D (br) wrote: I don't like Timothy Treadwell. I believe he had good motives, but he was the kind of animal lover who refused to take the animals on their own terms, and it got him, his girlfriend and one of the bears he wanted to protect killed. That said, he captured some incredible footage. I tend to side with Herzog's far from idealized view of nature, but when I watch the footage Treadwell got of himself and a fox, I start to see his side and find it hard to resist. This is a magnificent documentary. It weaves Treadwell's footage, interviews with people who knew him, and Herzog's own musings into a captivating tapestry that really has no simple thing to say about Treadwell.

Skyler B (kr) wrote: ITS A COMEDY!!!!!!!!

Will J (de) wrote: Great martial arts film!

Filius S (kr) wrote: What Indiana Jones is to Adventure, Star Wars is to Sci-Fi, Goodfellas is to Crime, and Apocalypse Now is to War; Death Race 2000 is to B-Movie cinema. Join legendary "shoot it quick and cheap so you can get paid" producer, Roger Corman, as he takes you to the dystopian future year of 2000, where the dirty French are ruining the economy and fucking up life for Americans everywhere. Fuck all that though, because ratings are through the roof on America's hottest new TV program: Death Race! Death Race is a race across America using customized futuristic cars like this and this which are so awesome that there was a rush of exotic car designer suicides the year this film came out. Driving the former car is veteran champion and crowd favorite: Frankenstein (David Carradine), who wears a mask to conceal his disgustingly disfigured face. Driving the latter car is his main competition, Machine Gun Joe (a pre-Rocky Sly Stallone), a mafioso out to win the race at all costs - and cause as much havoc as possible while doing it. This works out in his favor, because in the world of Death Race, it's not just about winning the race, but also killing eager spectators, innocent pedestrians, and good-for-nothing old folks trying to cross the road; each valued with their own points that count towards your final score; if you can survive that long.The film is a mix of Speed Racer races mixed with the brutality of Twisted Metal. At the time of release, the movie was considered so absurd, that veteran critic Roger Ebert awarded it a stunning zero out of four stars. So how does Death Race 2000 hold up? Extremely well. The movie was made for future audiences from the year 2000 who thirst for blood and depraved action, brought on by the dystopian struggle of the common man to forget the plight of day-to-day life. The action is well directed. The acting is funny, stupid, and over the top. The plot is absurd, yet tantalizingly intelligent. The corniness is just charming enough to meet the sweet spot without going into the realm of complete ridiculousness. In the end, Death Race 2000 does what few other low-budget movies could do, creating a microcosm of b-movie tropes that give it legendary placement in the world of cinema. TL;DR - 8/10If you haven't seen this movie, just go out and watch it already. The film is not only one of the best to come from the Roger Corman production line, but simply one of the finest B-Movies ever made. It's nothing high brow, so feel free to smoke a joint, or have a couple of beers, and enjoy the results of a bunch of people getting together, slapping together some props, a script, and some obscure locations, and crafting this visual banquet for your eye stomachs.

Alexis K (it) wrote: ...Sarcasm a la Claude Chabrol!

Adrian B (br) wrote: Sentimental drama about a grandfather who has custody of his granddaughter who is fighting for custody with his late daughters husband who he still blames for her death

John M (es) wrote: I feel like it ran kinda long. Lots of dead air in between the gags.

abigail v (jp) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time!!! Makes me want to fall in love over and over and over again!!

Davey M (fr) wrote: It's got Oliver Reed and pretty Technicolor, and maybe a couple good scenes, but little else. There has to be a good werewolf movie out there somewhere.

Kevin S (ca) wrote: Two idiotic brothers are ordered by their dad to get more beer at the local brewery. While they are there they end up getting jobs and end up finding out the owner has plans of ruling the world. This is pretty much as dumb as you can get. There are times were it is comical but for the most part it's pretty stupid. Pretty good cast though including paul dooley, max van syndow, and of course the always enjoyable Rick moranis. This movie is pretty strange but for the most part it is watchable but extremely dumb.

Meredith W (au) wrote: Cute, cheesy and very fun. A slumber party fav when I was growing up. Good soundtrack, 80s clothes, very youthful Helen Hunt, Sarah Jessica Parker and Shannon Dougherty plus a random hottie, how could you go wrong?