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Tim M (ru) wrote: Chaos: Fun Unlimited isn't very fun. Maybe Indian college students will enjoy it, I didn't. It starts with an annoying music video, then they scam some students, enter the typical angry dean. Another annoying music video...at that point I skipped ahead. Later on they make fun of an old blind guy... The director of Singham is good, the plot is not.

Emma Jane (es) wrote: dont bother it is the most crappiest movie i hav eva seen! i stopped half way through cos i got really bored! WORST MOVIE EVA!!

Stefanie F (mx) wrote: This film is stunning! Gorgeous cinematography, beautiful music, and excellent acting make this a gorgeous adaptation of David Guterson's novel.

David K (ca) wrote: there are agendas on every issue, so let's get high and not worry about it.

Johann M (fr) wrote: A beautiful 1989 comedy-drama starring an already-old Morgan Freeman and the oldest Oscar actress winner Jessica Tandy who would die some year later. This 62nd Academy Awards' Best Picture Winner has a very heartwarming tale adapted from a play that depicts the seemingly troubled and funny relationship between an old lady and his driver. The Make-up and Hairstyling level of this film is truly impressive!!

Sean L (gb) wrote: A full-on smear campaign about the evils of Dungeons and Dragons, from the height of the parental outcry against the game. Funny and sad in the same context as Reefer Madness, it's akin to a long after-school special in the blunt, inelegant way it hammers away at its only point. An extremely young Tom Hanks, freshly released from his run on Bosom Buddies, cut his teeth on more serious material in this leading role. As the poor sap who nosedives into deep mental illness as a direct result of the game, his part is madly corny and he clearly had some growing pains to work through before becoming the dramatic juggernaut we'd all come to know a decade later. Badly produced, terribly acted, smug and boring and predictable to the final reveal, it's a living stereotype, the very essence of a bad made-for-TV movie.

D G (ca) wrote: What a boring, stupid, waste of 80 minutes. Incoherent story about some kind of invasion with terrible effects and some sort of flashbacks/light show. Do not bother with the crappiest movie made in the 70's. At least Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (another lousy movie) was campy.

Petros T (fr) wrote: "Date Night" is an insane action comedy, fast-paced and very funny. It certainly owes a lot of its appeal to the comedic talents of Steve Carell and Tina Fey and the chemistry they have together. Highly enjoyable.

Jairo A (br) wrote: The same girl that played Angela in part 2 is also in Sleepaway Camp III. She was a little bit better with this role but I still feel Angela from part 1 was missing. The movie is almost like Sleepaway Camp II...in fact, I could even argue that it was barely better than part 2 but it was not that much better. So, like part 2, I will also give this one a 5/10 or 2.5/5