Kabei: Our Mother

Kabei: Our Mother

Set in Tokyo in 1940, the peaceful life of the Nogami Family suddenly changes when the father, Shigeru, is arrested and accused of being a Communist. His wife Kayo works frantically from morning to night to maintain the household and bring up her two daughters with the support of Shigeru's sister Hisako and Shigeru's ex-student Yamazaki, but her husband does not return. WWII breaks out and casts dark shadows on the entire country, but Kayo still tries to keep her cheerful determination, and sustain the family with her love. This is an emotional drama of a mother and an eternal message for peace.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Based on childhood days of Teruyo Nogami. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kabei: Our Mother torrent reviews

Jay C (es) wrote: [2012.08.18] Original manga is way too heavy and dark so the adaptation is well done reflecting the post-tsunami Japan.

Marc T (ag) wrote: Talk about cheesy effects. This is a gem in that category. As for Debbie Gibson,,,think her singing was bad...her acting is even worse.

Deanna M (fr) wrote: It's too depressing to be heartbreaking in that good way... you know, the inspiring way. It leaves you wondering, "So that's it? What are we living for?"

Natalie A (es) wrote: Used to find the guy in it so cute when I was a kid. Love his British accent too.

Thomas P (ca) wrote: Dry, preachy, drama-less drivel over-focused on why we shouldnt be in the Iraq War. Its exasperatingly dull, as you wait for something to happen.Nothing does. Big name actors attempt to liven up a basic poli-sci research paper.Just plain terrible. Instead of using an actual plot, script or ANY drama, they use overly serious glances and barely-revelatory dialogue to quickly cram their points down your throat.Irritating, over-baked, and eternally boring, even if you agree w their reasoning.I hope they wasted a lot of their own money to learn the hard lesson of preaching an uninspired message.Distasteful, obvious yuk.1 out of 5

Claire M (us) wrote: Great documentary about the dangers of fast food

Aaron P (de) wrote: Made on the cheap and lacking in a lot of the major poker plays that made him a legend... I think there's a better movie to come in the future that will do Stu Ungar justice

bill s (nl) wrote: The drama was good but the comedy was not.

Charlie G (ru) wrote: Thought this was delightful. I'd watch it again.

Donna J (br) wrote: I liked it, complicated characters but they learned a lot.