Kabhi Socha Bhi Na Tha

Kabhi Socha Bhi Na Tha


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Nicolas P (br) wrote: Creo en la franquicia creada por Blue Sky, reconozco que ha sido la mas pobre de las pelculas de Ice age hasta ahora, probablemente por la ausencia de Carlos Saldanha, quien representaba un nombre y una batuta para estos proyectos; su ausencia se hizo notar y la calidad del sentido del humor, mximo bastin de estas pelculas estuvo bajo nivel. Me preocupa especialmente la continuidad de la franquicia de manera limpia, puesto que han estado incluyendo demasiados personajes secundarios en una especie de "agrandamiento de manada" que afecta a las secuelas posteriores.

Josiah C (ca) wrote: Why do dumb rom coms like this exist?

CM W (ag) wrote: Despite some impressive stunt work, Around the World in 80 Days' cheap production, thin characterization, and severe lack of laughs prevent it from being as adventurous as it wants to be.

Isadore H (ru) wrote: A very disturbing but yet engrossing look at how drugs can turn someone's life to rock bottom. I really loved how the film continually moved from each of the four characters slowly faster and faster, until the finale was a whirlwind of flashes of them struggling to survive, leaving an impression on me that will not soon be forgotten. The acting was great, Marlon Wayans gives the best performance I've ever seen from him and Jared Leto was really good too. The director used a bunch of really cool camera effects that were fun to look at and didn't distract from the message the film was sending. Requiem for a Dream is a really harsh look at drug addiction, but I would consider it necessary viewing

Amy H (br) wrote: shocking yet boring...it's a bit too slow...but it kinda keeps the mystery..not that i really understand the movie

Giorgos T (br) wrote: A thought-provoking film, with a good cast and powerful story.

Paul P (gb) wrote: Funny and insightful, this is a very entertaining film. Stillman seems to be intrigued with the lives of academic preppy types who seem to have unlimited resoures and focus on things that ultimately are not that important. This flick captures the silliness of this situation and the precarious relationships of the characters that fill this film. There is plenty of great dialogue and observations and come the end I found myself wanting to spend.more time with these guys. Indie.film making at its best, the type that just won't get financing these days...

Michael H (kr) wrote: Very original, and smart, but keeps falling back into a teen-bop star crossed lovers tale that we really don't need or care about.

Kean C K (au) wrote: 2 1/2 stars. BD. This is a weak film when compared to Passion of the Christ directed by Mel Gidson. But it is enjoyable and my way to celebrate Christmas every year by watching Faith movies. Happy holidays to all of you!