Smith, a typical young college student who likes partying and engaging in acts of random sex and debauchery, has been having some interesting dreams revolving around two gorgeous women -- and is shocked when he meets the dream girls in real life. Lorelei looks just like his fantasy brunette, while a mysterious red-haired girl being chased by assassins draws him into an international conspiracy. Or is it all just a drug-induced hallucination?

The film centers on a wild ambisexual 18- year-old college freshman uncovering a terrible conspiracy by chance which can lead to unexpected consequences. What will happen in Southern California seaside town? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kaboom torrent reviews

Wendy C (au) wrote: Films do not get any more extraordinary than this. Absolutely beautiful. I could watch an infinite number of times and never get sick of it.

wallace W (de) wrote: [size=3] The worst film I saw in a long time .....:rotten: :rotten: [/size][size=3][/size] [size=3] Grade: F[/size]

Joshua D (ag) wrote: another great movie and well played i just need to read the book now so i can compare notes with it

Denise A (br) wrote: LOVE LOVE LOVE this film. I'd like to be Stuart Townsend next liason! lol.

Lloyd D (ru) wrote: An interestin spin on vampire lure with half brother vs each other for the lives of 3 ladies. A pity Scim was only in it for 5 mins. Radu makes a great vampire and I love his long fingers, shadows and minions

Tasos L (it) wrote: A night movie,quite enjoyable!

Mbr S (au) wrote: a nice one i have just watched it today

Peter L (au) wrote: Eraserhead (1977) is a cult classic horror movie from David Lynch. I recently watched this movie two times. The first time I saw this movie was in my film class. I had no idea what to think of it. This is because the movie simply blew my mind. A friend and I had a discussion after watching the film. I said I had no idea how to interpret it. He said that this was his second time watching it. He said that I would like the movie a lot more if I watched it again. After watching this movie for the second time, I have learned to appreciate and love this film. It is pure surrealist art on film. It never explains itself because it doesn't need to. My favorite part of the movie was undeniably the visuals. Absolutely gorgeous. They blew me away. The movie definitely warrants multiple viewings. The ending scene honestly scared the hell out of me. This movie is definitely over the top, which is one of my only problems with it. The whole movie scares and engrosses you at the same time. This has become one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Star Rating: 4.5/5Elementary Scale Rating: A

Tommy H (de) wrote: A movie made for the rising feminist movement that was gaining momentum at the time. It's a very dramatic, sometimes funny time capsule of the past, but the bigger piture might be lost on teenagers and young adults. If the movie was made today the woman would probably be the social climber and the man the bored househusband. Anyway, it's a great film. Carrie Snodgrass is easy to sympathize with. She's such a good actress it's a shame this is the only movie she's done that really let her show off her talent. The over-all commentary on the downside of living a materialistic lifestyle and how it effects our relationships, I think, will always be relevant no matter the context of the culture.

Ashley H (nl) wrote: Salt of the Earth is an amazing. The storyline of the film is simple. The cast gave excellent performances. The sound quality of the film could have been better though. I thought that the movie showed interesting part of American history. I highly recommend this movie.

Alex W (fr) wrote: Another good addition to the red astaire ginger rogers films. It has a couple good catchy songs ( let yourself go) and a few forgetable ones (get thee behind me satin). This doesn't have the grand lavish formal scale like some of there movies, instead of the wealthy world travelers they normally play they are common people. Randolph Scott is probably the best looking of all the guys from this period. Harriet Hillard looks a lot like ginger rogers as her sister in this and very likable as the formerly plain and currently lonely school teacher.

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: Go to any Walgreens across the nation and every month there's a new collection of mystery thrillers, usually by the same collection of authors, who churn out books like hamburgers: this film plays like those books read. A great cast and superior production values can't hide a factory produced script.

Gareth M (nl) wrote: Decent enough teen film. May annoy some, but worked for me.