Ranjit Varma and his younger brother, Ravi works for a notorious criminal, Veljibhai Soda. While Ranjit is Veljibhai defense advocate; Ravi does all his unlawful activities. On one ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Ranjit Verma (Raj Babbar) is the lawyer and legal counsel for a criminal named Veljibhai Soda (Paresh Rawal). Due to this association, Ranjit's brother, Ravi (Sanjay Dutt) also get involved... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cheryl D (ru) wrote: I'm not sure why this got such bad reviews. It was a thought-provoking scenario that was very redemptive for all involved. I had delayed in seeing it based on the previews making it seem trite and sexual. That was a very small aspect to set the premise. The rest of it was a tender and meaningful. This movie was definitely worth seeing.

Claude S (br) wrote: A wonderful love story set in a beautiful landscape.

Eric H (es) wrote: Here we have a fine effort by Larry Fessenden to make horror entertaining, rather than simply relying on splatter and body counts. The movie progresses at a leisurely pace, building character development and tension. Odd things are happening, and the viewer is left to speculate about what is going wrong. I do not get the impression, like some others, that "The Last Winter" is meant to be purely a message movie about screwing with the environment. When viewed as simply entertainment, it delivers. The on location photography adds tremendously, and Ron Perlman gives a standout performance. Maybe the oil company drilling unleashed a hallucinatory gas,that caused abnormal behavior, maybe it didn't. The film has many possible explanations, none of which are crystal clear, but that is also what makes "The Last Winter" fascinating.

Les B (it) wrote: Nothing could save this flick from a bad script. It's all about cleverness. The two protagonists whip out one cleverism after another till they wilt. Plus, the cleverisms are not so clever as just silly. The movie tries too hard to be clever and it gets tiring.Other elements besides the script are ok, but really it's hard to tell with such amateurish writing.

Ryan L (es) wrote: Amy Adams shines like a bright diamond in this.

Emily A (ru) wrote: The first half hour is funny.

Michael C (kr) wrote: Quirky film that follows several people as they meet and mingle on New Year's Eve, leading up to hilarious revelations the next morning.

Nikoletta B (it) wrote: *** 1\2 "When the child was a child, it was the time of these questions. Why am I me, and why not you? Why am I here, and why not there? When did time begin, and where does space end? Isn't life under the sun just a dream? Isn't what I see, hear, and smell just the mirage of a world before the world? Does evil actually exist, and are there people who are really evil? How can it be that I, who am I, wasn't before I was, and that sometime I, the one I am, no longer will be the one I am?"

Christopher S (es) wrote: Notable for the teaming of horror icons Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, and Barbara Steele - but unfortunately it's a fairly routine 60s British occult potboiler with a predictable plot and touches of dated psychedelia. The presence of Karloff and Lee provides some much needed weight, but Steele is painted green and relegated to a few uninspired dream sequences. Horror fans may find it modestly entertaining, but ultimately forgettable.

Nilda V (nl) wrote: Juliet Binoche once again captivates her audience. Clive Owens in the cherry on top of this great movie. He's also an excellent actor .

Christina D (ru) wrote: highly predictable but entertaining

Borhan K (gb) wrote: Criminal Activities is a movie about a group of friends that get caught up with some mobster mafia action and start to owe the mafia a lot of money and cannot pay it back so the gangsta mafia dude gets them to kidnap a person as repayment. This is the whole story it has twists and turns i found the movie boring it has John Travolta playing in it but it still does not hold up because the movie leaves the card too late.I think its boring and could have been better.Not suitable for the kiddies.

Michele S (ag) wrote: I love it! It's a fantastic fairy tale, not a an action flick. I came for a fairy tale and I got one. Couldn't be happier. :)(And it's SO much better than the first one with whatsername.)