Kachcha Chor

Kachcha Chor

Fighting against his criminal past and bolstered by the love of social activist Asha (Rekha), a woman who wants him to reform, Shyam (Randhir Kapoor) tries his best to live a decent, law-abiding life. But it's nearly impossible to achieve with his former crime boss (Ranjeet) and his mistress (Helen) trying to trip him up. Jambu directs this Bollywood classic from the late 1970s.

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Lee C (ag) wrote: What a load of floaty nonsense. Absurd and boring.

Genie K (kr) wrote: dont want to see it.

cray j (de) wrote: he is so handsome never before and his performance very excellent

Michael T (us) wrote: Terrible, but I guess the world was begging for a 'Day of the Woman' homage or something.

Laurie O (mx) wrote: I wanted to know more about Evo Morales after watching him knee an opponent in the groin on the pitch--my first impression was not a positive indication of this politician's ethics. I got a different perspective in this film; though not a vanity piece, I did see his dedication to the coca unions and the indigenous people of Bolivia. My favorite part was an interview with an elderly man when he said, "The coca fields have a story. We did not turn our coca fields in a drug; the US turned it into a drug. We are innocent. They have come and made drugs out of our sacred leaf. And they are the ones who use it. They are the ones who demand it. We can control the situation ourselves without the US military intervention. . .we can apply our community justice.

Emma F (kr) wrote: Interesting philosophical concepts around 'love at first sight' and taking stock, are we being true within ourselves?

David M (mx) wrote: If you're into sloppy soapy chick flicks where it looks like every character spent 8 hours in hair&make-up before every scene, then this is for you. Everyone else can throw this into their crap pile.

Timm S (ag) wrote: Interesting Look At A World Few Us Ever Go & After This, Not Many More Would Even Dare Attempt To..

Ashley B (de) wrote: I've heard this is stupid, good, insane, inappropriate, and hilarious. I have mixed feelings about this so I'm going to see this.

Anna I (mx) wrote: I've seen thousands of movies. People always were asking me, what's my favorite and I had so many of them that I couldn't pick one. Now I know for sure!!!! Now I can name my favorite!!!!!!!!!!! Oh!.. My God!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!???? ????? ???? ??????? ?????!!!

Steve S (gb) wrote: An innovative idea that grasped my attention at first, until I became aware that the characters and melodramatic situations overpowered the fires which they were trying to put out.

Justin B (nl) wrote: Rehashes the events of the original. It's not bad per say but there's no reason not to just watch that one.

Orlok W (ca) wrote: Original, Bizarre and Surrealistic Cult-Movie--Wicked and ingenious horror!!

Adam R (ca) wrote: I'm not quite ready to consider myself a fan just yet. Everything about it was very uneven. At times I found it brilliant, but for much of it I was bored. Some of the songs I loved right away, but others I never want to hear again. (First and only full viewing - 7/8/2010)

jonathan b (nl) wrote: OOOOhhhhh gooodie, I'm the first bastard to review this thing. Ok I'll make it good. I have to be honest here, and say that I was desperately lost on the plot within the first 10 mins. Yeah, it was like one of those intros where they tell you a back history of an ancient war, with names of generals, lords, shoguns; all of which you will not remember, and you'll be asking yourself who was who and who fought for what within a few seconds. On top of that, it started slow. I was almost bored. Then something happened and the film started playing in a familiar fashion. The hero was almost invincible, and the villain was the same. They had stare downs and met and talked, philosophized and kept a cordial respect of each others power.There were a dozen action scenes with ninjas and smoke and blood baths. Some fight scenes were meh, some were great, and some were just good ideas not executed perfectly. I suppose this could be the precursor to stylized ninja movies. And in that respect I liked it. Sometimes the plot would get in the way, but it did get better and more noir-ish, basically becoming a 'Whodunit' with ninjas and samurai. Which I liked very much. The ending was just about laughably ridiculous like they tacked something on there in the 11th hour of filming...I don't know. But still, definitely worth watching if you are a fan of the genre.