Kacheri Arambam

Kacheri Arambam

The film begins at a journey in train where Paari (Jeeva) looks back at everything. Cut to the beginning, one remote village in Ramanathapuram. Paari is a do-gooder helping everyone in need. A magnanimous man, he gives anything and everything to others if they ask for. Promising his dad (Azhagan Perumal) to earn more, Paari sets out to Chennai. But he faces more challenges. He meets a young girl Madhi (Poonam Bajwa) and falls in love with her. Some goons also cause trouble for Paari. Meanwhile, Sivamani (J D Chakravarthy), the dreaded but sophisticated don of the city is getting ready to marry Madhu. When the two stories meet, chaos ensue, it is now up to Paari and Sivamani to sort it out.

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Marcus W (fr) wrote: The documentary is far too tolerant and refuses to look at this from any other direction.

David S (es) wrote: A wonderful character based movie. But I have to wonder if these Mexican directors are ever happy?

Marcos N (fr) wrote: Filme sensacional, leve, divertido, emocionante, original, as criancas tem muito a nos ensinar mesmo

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Na D (ag) wrote: Christopher Walken is brilliant.

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Ed C (ag) wrote: I think this is an improvement over the 5th movie, but I don't like it as much as I like the first 4 movies. It is still a worthy sequel and it's a nice set up for the finale.