Kad mrtvi zapjevaju

Kad mrtvi zapjevaju

At the beginning of 1990s, two Croatian emigrants, economically minded Cinco and politically minded Marinko, arrive in Croatia from Germany, homesick for their families and hometowns. In ...

At the beginning of 1990s, two Croatian emigrants, economically minded Cinco and politically minded Marinko, arrive in Croatia from Germany, homesick for their families and hometowns. In ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven C (jp) wrote: I really like David Mackenzie's "Spread" because it's one of the only films I have seen to accurately portray the death of romance in our generation. The characters are all very unlikable but never not honest. The picture plays with genre conventions and expectations, especially in the climax. Ashton Kutcher finally gets a role that suits him and has some great back-up from Anne Heche, Margarita Levieva and Sebastian Stan. The film has a great visual look (courtesy of master DP Steven Poster) and uses its LA backdrop to the fullest. "Spread" is a film not many will like due to the dark subject material and provocative sex, but I found it engaging, honest and accurate.

Bradley K (us) wrote: Pretty riveting but also oddly pointless.

stephen t (ca) wrote: did not think much of this to be honest

Michael C (br) wrote: Based on the Phoenix Lights my butt! What hypnosis-therapy sessions? There were no hypnosis-therapy sessions for any witnesses of this sighting!

Dax S (it) wrote: Amazing, I love this director's odd style.

David T (es) wrote: I thought that this film was funny when I was younger, but when I got older and found out about the bad reviews, I began to hate it and boy do I hate it. The acting is horrible, the jokes are dumb (although I enjoy certain idiotic humor), the story is weak and just everything about this film is awful. Christopher Lloyd looks pathetic, Kathleen Turner can't do much and not even a performance by Dom DeLuise can make this film amusing. This film is a perfect example of first class junk and will go down in history as being one of the worst kids movies ever made!

Chandler V (de) wrote: Thought this was a timely film to see with the current war situation this country is in. However, I was not impressed with this film at all. It attempted to be one of those "its so bad its good films", but ended up just being bad in the process. Uncreative kills, lack of a compelling plot, and characters that I just didn't care about killed this film for me.

Jake A (es) wrote: Known primarily for being a huge financial flop I went into this expecting a complete disaster on the basis of its lackluster box office and while it is far from great it certainly never deserved to fail as badly as it did. Geena Davis is great and one of few action heroines from the 90's, the action itself is stellar, the production for the most part is faultless and even though it is routine for the most part it is still somewhat entertaining. The standout for me however is the score, really well done and makes all the long shots of stunning scenery and action all the better.

Celia Z (it) wrote: I liked it even though it was not rated to be a good movie

Wesley M (ag) wrote: A funny, but perhaps too straightforward spoof of 20's-30's era gangsters, with a few inspired gags an a few standout performances, hampered by what seems like a messy script that is not quite sure how it wants to treat its characters.It could have, I think, benefited from going full absurdist a la "Airplane!"

Branden 2 M (ca) wrote: A gangster classic, with not only arguably Al Pacino's best performance (I said arguably), but one of the best unhinged performances put to film. The American Dream.

danny d (br) wrote: a fresh, unique take on the yakuza films of that time. the characters are not atypical, but the focus of this story really is. clan rivalry and looming violence permeates the story but the heart of it is about a romanticism that never quite finds its expression. the film is about the romantic timidity of otherwise confident and assertive people. the climax is so effective as we never really find out what we thought we wanted to know about "the pale flower" of the gangster world, but we're somehow ok with that because our main character is ok with that. a great film.

Adam J (us) wrote: course id love to see it! its a remake of my all time fav films :D