Kada kien su karma

Kada kien su karma

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Toda mujer abandonada ha soñado alguna vez con vengarse de su marido. El destino le regala a Eva (Blanca Guerra) esa posibilidad. Al cumplirse el primer año de haber huido para buscar el ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Huw G (kr) wrote: Doesn't hold up to scrutiny, and not cheese-free, but an enjoyable and much better than average example of its genre.

Katheryn M (ag) wrote: Such a good movie. Great plot and solid performances.

Rodrigo S (au) wrote: Alexander Payne no falla. Si tienes una familia despreciable (que hay un 99% de que sea as) vas a amar la pelcula.

Josh S (kr) wrote: im glad im not the only person that really liked this movie after reading roger ebert's review(which made me like it even more.) when i walked out of the theatre i was like everyone else, that was one bizarre movie, but after a while i realized thats what i kind of liked about it. to me it felt kind of different. i liked the interesting risks it took. it felt somewhat original, which alex proyas is usually good at. anyway i could still see how people could hate it, its just im not in that group.

Elsa W (us) wrote: Michael Moore's 2007 documentary Sicko is a powerful criticism of the United State's private health care system. By juxtaposing the health care systems of many other industrialized countries, Moore shows how little we value human life and health in America.

Leigh R (gb) wrote: Keeps you wondering until the end. Dramatic end too...

Mike P (au) wrote: I feel this movie was way under rated. It is one of my favorite movies. Also, I think Billy Bob Thornton did a fantastic job as well as all the other actors that played in it. Although, I tend to appreciate the true art of the directors, cinematography, and acting of the apparently lesser appreciated movies than the Hollywood blockbusters that most of the people enjoy.

Harry G (ag) wrote: Although it doesn't get quite deep enough into the characters struggle, Hamburger Hill still offers up intense action and a convincing atmosphere.

Ruby D (kr) wrote: I believe that I have probably seen all the Lassie movies ever put out. Lassie movies are by far my most favorite movie. It is a clean, safe movie for family, friends and children.

Carson B (it) wrote: By far my favorite of the divergent movies and second favorite of the books Insurgent shines on both book and screen! My only flaw with this movie is that strayed from the book.

Robyn H (au) wrote: Still stands as the greatest practical joke ever played on KC.Clearly he put his all into portraying our treasured folk hero with as much gravitas as he could muster. This serves as the perfect counterpoint to the ham and melodrama of almost every single other actor in the film and creates a truly beautiful piece of cinema.

Marnie Z (jp) wrote: Kind of reminded me of Tales from the Crypt

Josh C (ag) wrote: this is so awesomely bad! check it out!

Andrew D (kr) wrote: One of my all-time favs, Dog Day Afternoon is an important mark on film history, and proves the power of what a filmmaker can truly convey through their storytelling. Well-acted, well-written, well-directed, well... It's amazing. Absolutely amazing.

James H (jp) wrote: Since I am not at all a huge fan of westerns and certainly not a fan of Charlton Heston, my rating may appear a bit low. I found it hard to sit through. There were some major stretches where i was bored. I just found it uninvolving. The score is downright irritating.