Kahani Kismat Ki

Kahani Kismat Ki

1973 film with Dharmendra, Rekha and Ajit

Even after attaining a bachelors degree, Ajit Sharma is unable to secure any employment in order to better the lifestyle of his widowed mother, sister, Meena, elder brother Gopuram and a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kahani Kismat Ki torrent reviews

Spookie M (ca) wrote: First of its kind this is a disturbing and unflinching italian mondo/cannibal film. The mongoose/cobra battle was gnarly!

cordajah (us) wrote: this movie is funny is hell ~~~~~

Heather M (mx) wrote: This was an interesting story full of laughs, fighting, and heartbreak.

Thomas B (ag) wrote: ****It's not quite as good as its sequel, but this reboot/prequel to Planet of the Apes boasts just as good CGI, and better human characters.

Jey A (au) wrote: Emm... I'm not so sure about a political thriller... -_-'

ShawnRay M (ca) wrote: I won't lie, I initially started watching this because it was the start of the Han character from the Fast and the Furious series (which is my favorite character in that series). Although this series doesn't have anything to do with that franchise (aside from Han, that is), and something I'm actually glad about, it's shows a lot of promise from it's director. I miss the days of independent films such as this. It is a shame that Lin got stuck in the mass-market F&F series, but I hope once those films wrap he can return to his roots and continue to make awesome movies such as this.

Mae C (it) wrote: amazing film shot in harsh conditions,spectacular scenery, very credible 'actors' and 'actresses', beautiful music, touching lessons on friendship, loyalty, filial piety, leadership, aged experience vs youthful vitality....

Elisabeth N (jp) wrote: I think the best part with this one is the soundtrack. Awsome soundtrack! Remember I used to listen to it all the time back in the day.

Multitron R (au) wrote: Tom Hanks takes a journey in "Forrest Gump" that is truly unforgettable.

RA L (es) wrote: LETTERBOX. Transparente pero complejo drama social que raya en lo existencial. La puesta en escena es extremadamente cuidada y el reparto es genial. Francisco Rabal tiene aqu uno de sus ms memorables papeles. / Transparent but complex social drama that borders the existential. The mise-en-scne is handled with extreme care and the cast is great. Francisco Rabal has one of his most memorable roles here.

Michael W (au) wrote: Disappointing suspense film has terrorists seizing a luxury liner with ample mysterious passengers for a daring takeover of a US Treasury ship carrying gold. Based on Alistair McLean novel with a decent cast. Film may be more dubiously remembered for a South African political scandal surrounding it involving corrupt use of government funds directed to the production company.

Greg W (mx) wrote: taylor made vehicle for star vincent price

Edward T (gb) wrote: Just on the concept alone, this was a fine film. One of the better Roman period pieces of the time. The Robe was also good.

Jeff B (ru) wrote: Well, I didn't expect this from a Vittorio De Sica film. Very entertaining Palme D'Or winner about a boy who is raised by an old lady who found him in her cabbage patch. After she dies, he's sent to an orphanage and is later released into society and lives with the homeless. He helps them build a village of their own, but of course, a rich gorup of people want to take their town away. Later in the film it turns into a big fantasy segment, but it's very amusing. It's over the top at times, but it's a fun film, it's hard not to like it.

Avant S (gb) wrote: One man show masterpiece.

Dumy J (mx) wrote: This movie was great. Something for any man to bring out for a late night film with a date