Kakav deda takav unuk

Kakav deda takav unuk

Zika and Milan are fighting over who gets to spend more time with grandson Misha, who is five years old. Although Misha lives with his parents in Milan grandfather, Zika all ways of trying ...

Zika and Milan are fighting over who gets to spend more time with grandson Misha, who is five years old. Although Misha lives with his parents in Milan grandfather, Zika all ways of trying ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron O (it) wrote: It rehashes / repeats too many jokes from the first one, doesn't have an interesting plot, and was basically just a weak "more of the same" from the original Anchorman.

Shane H (us) wrote: A poor father and son are having a hard time coping with their outside lives. The father works all day and night at a construction site to put his son through an expensive private school. The son is picked on and shut out by the children because he is poor. The boy sees a new high tech toy and wants one for himself but the father cannot afford it. On the way home from work he finds a strange green ball and takes it home to his son. It turns out to be a small alien that looks like a cross between a Gremlin and an Ewok. The boy names the alien CJ7 and a strange turn of events brings the father and son closer together. This is a very emotional roller-coaster and doesn't seem much like a children's movie even though the premise is very child-like.

Mike A (jp) wrote: Clever idea, had some pretty funny parts. a little longer than my attention span could handle though.

Warren A (ag) wrote: eeeeeeeeeeeeeh...interesting plot but the execution could have been much better

Ryan W (it) wrote: Piranha is such a fun film the movie knows it's dumb and implausible but it just has fun with the premise and mixes humour,Tits and gore to make an awesome popcorn flick. a goldmine in self aware filmmaking.

V Ellis W (ag) wrote: Proves that some movies should not have sequels. Basically an exact copy of the first, down to the not-as-sexy threesome. Lame.

Kenny O (jp) wrote: WHAT A DOG OF A MOVIE!!!!!!

Ron D (ag) wrote: Clever, entertaining action/comedy with a pre-drug-addled Charlie Sheen as a reckless, over-grown frat boy (stretch!) skydiving instructor who's latest student (Nastassja Kinski) seemingly plummets to her death after jumping from his plane prematurely. With his career and and freedom on the line, Sheen begins to investigate the circumstances of her death, witch entangles him in a twisty cat and mouse game involving the KGB and the Russian mob. Though the particulars of the plot are extremely overwrought, and none of it would hold up to much scrutiny, if you accept "Terminal Velocity" for what it is, it works. The plot twists and their reveals work surprisingly well, and the cast is solid all around. Only some of the comedic elements and one-liners land with a thud (no pun intended). However, given the far-fetchedness of the plot, it would have been a mistake to make the film as a dead-serious thriller. Don't look for anything resembling logic or plausibility, but it doesn't completely insult the audiences intelligence either by taking itself too seriously. The action sequences are well executed and the skydiving scenes are well shot. Solid entertainment all the way around.

David G (ag) wrote: The fun campiness of part 1 is replaced by self aware comedy that strips away all dignity from the original creator.

Stuart K (de) wrote: From Hammer, this was their 6th Dracula film, and Hammer started production on this one nearly immediately after Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) had wrapped, and when it was released in the UK and America, it was shown on a double bill with The Horror of Frankenstein (1970). It's a good Dracula, with it's star being given a lot more to do this time around, and even a lot more dialogue to say as well. Count Dracula (Christopher Lee) has been resurrected yet again, and he has an army of bats to wreck havoc on the village that surrounds his castle. Meanwhile, libertine Paul Carlson (Christopher Matthews) has incurred the wrath of the town of Kleinenberg, after having it off with many of the young women in the town, including the daughter of the Burgomaster (Bob Todd), he flees up to Dracula's castle, where he's greeted by the count, his beautiful companion Tania (Anouska Hempel) and his manservant Klove (Patrick Troughton). But, Paul soon discovers he's being held prisoner, and it's before long that his brother Simon (Dennis Waterman) and his fiancee Sarah (Jenny Hanley) go looking for him. It's more of the usual fare that you would expect from Hammer, but it is a good one, and it does have a few suspenseful moments, and a lot more blood this time around, and even Lee doesn't come across as an extended cameo, he relishes the part here.