Kakkakuyil movie is about Sivaraman(Mohanlal) who has come to Mumbai for a visa. But Sivaraman finds his friend Govindan Kutty (Mukesh) amidst a sea of problems. Sivaraman is forced to participate in a bank robbery planned by Thomas and his gang, which puts them in more trouble.And they find a place as Kunjunni with the body of Govindan kutty and sound of Sivaraman in the house of a blind old couple (Nedumudi Venu and Kaviyoor Ponnamma), whose grandson Kunjunni who had left them a long time ago (when he was 7) and is now coming home.But a turn of events finds Sivaraman and Govindan kutty (combined) as Kunjunni with the body of Govindan kutty and sound of Sivaraman.

Kunjunni has a speciality. He has the body of one person and the voice of another person. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kakkakuyil torrent reviews

Carlos M (fr) wrote: It really funny!!!!!!!!

Nora S (it) wrote: This is definitely NOT my kind of Suspense...I'd call it a Dark movie...that I don't really enjoy...

Joe M (nl) wrote: Unexpectedly powerful and moving. I had not seen this movie before. It was a revelation.

Rachel H (ag) wrote: The actors can only take a bad script and storyline so far. This is totally bland and predictable and it's bad when you are happy it's a very short film. I own it because of Hugh Dancy and that's it.

Gabriel G (fr) wrote: A not very valued film by an undervalued filmmaker (Juzo Itami). A story about financial bubble, corruption and tax evaders that is still worldwide valid more than 20 years after its release. A comedy about a very sad reality.

James W (mx) wrote: They took all the fun from the first one and added drama, an elephant, a gynecologist, and an unresolved ending. Sumbitch...

Sara E (br) wrote: Great chemistry between the leads - a simple musical, but bright and cheerful.

Paul C (nl) wrote: diana ross was never able to duplicate what she did as billie holiday and she was great. it's a shame the academy didn't think so.

Greg N (br) wrote: Pretty good. Nihilism for gangsters with unrequited love is the name of the game here along with some odd catholic imagery.

Kevin M W (es) wrote: A lesser Bond effort, Connery absolutely positive that only showing up is enough, and worst, he's absolutely right. Meh.