Uma loses her husband at a very young age and faces many hardships. The only support she gets is from her brother-in-law.

Uma loses her husband at a very young age and faces many hardships. The only support she gets is from her brother-in-law. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Conrad T (de) wrote: Hard to follow if you are not the same kind of person as Henry.

Leo L (gb) wrote: Intriguing movie that centralizes around the lives of a young woman, Miranda, who believes that it is her calling from God that she become a surrogate mother. Terry and Sandy, a gay married couple, have been trying to find a surrogate mother who would help them, and Miranda decides to answer their hopes (despite her religious beliefs which conflicts with the couple's life choices). The turns of events enables the couple to closely bond with Miranda, her husband Parker, and her sister Lucy. Great cast- A.J. Cook, Orlando Jones, David Sutcliffe, David Moscow, and Sarah Carter. Worth seeing!

Kaye K (fr) wrote: hmmmm i think i will pass this one sounds too far fetched even for me lol

Cline D (jp) wrote: a fait plaisir de retrouver Carter, Mitchell, Teal'c et le reste de SG1 et les voir enfin botter le cul des Oris !!

Pete J (jp) wrote: This movie shows how Martin Lawrence is so raciest. He's stand-up is the same way. Never really liked the guy. Hate this movie because of that.

Maineutral R (au) wrote: Yeah, it doesn't have the conviction of the first movie, it certainly doesn't take the plot seriously, but, at this point What were you expecting? If there's Jet Li, there's gotta be some spectacle to exploit him. Lethal Weapon 4 is my favorite sequel of the series, with constant action scenes and even some ridiculously spectacular ones too to show the franchise's final efforts to capitalize on itself. It was fun, and that's the least I expect from a movie with this cast and director.Lethal 4 is by no means the less flawed of the franchise; probably it's the most troublesome about it. Nevertheless, at this point all I'm expecting is huge fun, even if it is ridiculous. If there's people that like Rocky IV, easily there's people that like Lethal 4, and I'm part of them. Yeah, I kinda hate Rocky IV, but I can't help it. In Lethal 4 I do find some reasons to love it more than hate it. Maybe it's because it does entertain me legitimately, or because Glover and Gibson still had it as Murtaugh and Riggs, or because their characters do face new facets of their lives: Riggs is dealing with marrying once more, and not only that, also becoming a father, while Murtaugh is dealing with becoming a grandfather and father-in-law of a person he's not very friendly with. In Rocky IV, the characters didn't evolve and didn't go anywhere they already went through. Here, in Lethal 4, they actually face new things, both also dealing with getting too old for this shit. This is also the longest of the series, running two hours and 7 minutes. Those were two hours and seven minutes of my life I don't regret spending here. I had fun, big fun, and I liked it.Maybe I'm either too young or too old for this shit, but I liked this final entry in the series. You know there are worse out there, and I think this one holds itself as one of those final entries that we can love. It has action and fun, no strings attached. A bit more conviction from the first movie would have made this the best in the series, but for what it is, I was satisfied. Lethal 4 goes out with a bang, and it's one of my favorite action movies...and also one of the most ridiculous.

Israel O (mx) wrote: Bad ass movie.i mean it was rad!

Lance M (it) wrote: When an anti-war senator is killed at a rally, the guilty thugs turn out to be part of a right-wing plot that goes all the way to the top. The young investigating judge is part of the political machine, but we soon find that he is honest and unable to ignore the evidence. Good stuff.

Henrique V (de) wrote: My favorite comedy movie. It's so natural, as if you were watching a recording of a group of friends on a holiday.It's a casual movie, nice and comedy walks as if it was not purposeful, as if it were a screenplay. I do not understand the negative reviews, it seems that the people schism with Adam Sandler and Kevin James.Anyway, the two do not like so much, but this film is wonderful, I do not get tired of seeing ever.